Dragon’s points adjusted – before release

Games Workshop have announced on the community site that they are increasing the points of the Stormcast Dragons before their release.

Check out the full article at Warhammer Community for full information, but the summary is that GW have done some additional play testing on the Dragons and decided to increase the points

The new points – and a good thing too.

Some of these increases are quite dramatic with Stormdrake Guard (2) going up by 55 points; Stormdrake Guard (1) going up 25 points; and Knight Draconis going up 45 points.

It’s great to see the rules team taking on board concerns, and not waiting for units which could cause people to have ‘feel bad’ games; It’s also good to see this pre-emptive approach to stop people buying entire armies of Stormdrake Guard and not being able to use them.

Coming in 1s and 2s these are great flyers with superb mobility, mortal wounds and armour save. Wow!

So well done to the GW rules team for making a quick change – hopefully this bodes well for the future and it would be great to see these quality of life adjustments appear more often – as much to help the bottom and curb the top.

— Declan

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