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Sabot Basing for Black Powder

So I’ve been looking at getting into Black Powder at the 6mm scale but have tried thinking about creating realistic base sizes (when compared to the other units of the period).

So my first point of reference is the number of men in each countries line infantry.

Infantry Battalion Strength

Based on this I can then calculate the bases I need. Bearing in mind that only the British formed on two ranks when in line as opposed to the other countries mostly forming in two ranks.

I therefore need to show this on the bases. So I decided to use a simple equation of a single Baccus figure representing 12 men. Therefore I could calculate how many models I would need per unit.

I’m very new to Napoleonic Wargaming (but have a fairly decent knowledge base of the history) and very new to Black Powderany

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Warlord Games – Epic Scale Waterloo for Pre-Order Friday 5th November

I’ve personally been waiting for this day for a long time. Ever since Warlord Games created the Epic Scale American Civil War sets I was praying and hoping they would do them for Napoleonics.

As it is the most popular gaming period outside of Fantasy and Sci-fi I thought I wouldn’t have long to wait.

The new sets go on sale on Friday and they look wonderful. All the models are in 15mm scale and when ranked up into Battalions and Brigades they really look the part.

The French Starter Bundle

I’m looking forward to getting into this myself as I’ve always been a fan of the Napoleonic era after watching Sharpe as a boy. I never started with Black Powder before however as the scale felt off for Grand Battles and the games always looked like skirmishes to me. No more! With this set I can enjoy the games of Napoleonics I always envisioned!

Solo Wargaming for your Favourite Games

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