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Top Three AoS Lists from Fantasia Fanatic XLI

Fantasia Fanatic XLI was an 5 game Age of Sigmar tournament that took place in Sweden this weekend just past. It saw 33 players fighting to be crowned Champion.

1st Ronya Andersson – Nighthaunt

Ronya won four games and drew one with the older Nighthaunt book! Drawing in the first round against Lumineth Realm-Lords/Iliatha, then going on to beat Daughters of Khaine/Khelt Nar in Round 2, Seraphon/Thunder Lizard in Round 3, Maggotkin of Nurgle/Munificent Wanderers in Round 4 and Stormcast Eternals/Hammers of Sigmar in Round 5.

Army Faction: Nighthaunt
  – Subfaction: Emerald Host
  – Grand Strategy: Hold the line
  – Triumph: Inspired

Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern
– Artefact: Pendant of the Fell Wind
Spell: Soul Cage
Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed (120)***
  – Artefact: The Traitor Knight’s Blade

Krulghast Cruciator (120)***
Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief (215)**
– General
– Spell: Shademist

10 x Hexwraiths
– Reinforced: Once
10 x Hexwraiths (300)*
– Reinforced: Once
5x Hexwraiths (150)***
6 x Spirit Hosts (250)*
– Reinforced: Once

Black Coach
Black Coach (200)**

*Hunters of the Heartlands


TOTAL POINTS: 1990/2000
Reinforced Units: 3 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 116
Drops: 10

Declan – Wow… Ronya take a bow. Not even a suggestion of doing this the easy way either, with 2 Black Coaches (not the best units in the game to put it mildly), and against 5 armies all in the top half of the stats.

There’s even more credit for taking the Hexwraiths because no matter whether they are any good in the game I’ve never been able to find out – I assembled 5 of them, and wanted to kill the person who designed their fit! It’s awful. So double congratulations for running 25 of them!


2nd Alexis Herbeck – Stormcast Eternals

Alexis won 4 games and lost 1. Beating Blades of Khorne/Reapers of Vengeance in round 1, Soulblight Gravelords/Vyrkos Dynasty in round 2, Cities of Sigmar/Living Cityin round 3 and Seraphon/Dracothion’s Tail in round 4 before losing against Ronya Andersson and their Nighthaunt/Emerald host list in round 5.

Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals
Stormhost: Hammers of Sigmar (Scions of the Storm)
Grand Strategy: Hold the Line

– Spell: Thundershock
Knight-Judicator with Gryph Hounds(205)*
Lord-Relictor (145)*
– General
– Command Trait: High Priest
– Artefact: Mirrorshield
– Prayer: Translocation

3 x Aetherwings
3 x Aetherwings (65)**
5 x Judicators with Skybolt Bows (200)**
5 x Liberators (115)**
5 x Vindicators (130)***
5 x Vindicators (130)***
6 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (480)**
– Reinforced: Once
2 x Stormdrake Guard (340)***

Core Battalions
*Command Entourage – Magnificent
**Brotherhood Command
***Hunters of the Heartlands

Additional Enhancements
Holy Command: Thunderbolt Volley
Holy Command: Call for Aid

Total: 2000 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 1 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 99
Drops: 11

Declan: Regular readers will be board of Longstrikes, shooting in one hero phase (Thunderbolt Volley); Teleporting on a 2+ (rerollable) with the Relictor and backed up by 2 Stormdrake Guard… wow! Prime Targets making little difference with this army as if you can’t kill them in the first place the fabled extra point is making no difference at all.

This is no criticism of Alexis – it’s in the book; it’s legal – take it!


3rd Per Sigvallius – Cities of Sigmar

Per also managed four wins and a single loss. Beating Idoneth Deepkin/Ionrach in round 1, Fyreslayers/Greyfyrd in round 2. then losing against the Stormcast Eternals/Hammers of Sigmar of 2nd place Alexis in round 3, before going on to beat Soulblight Gravelords/Vyrkos Dynasty in round 4 and Seraphon/Thunder Lizards in round 5.

Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar
– Subfaction: Living City
– Grand Strategy: Hold the Line
– Triumphs: Inspired

– General
– Command Trait: Master of Magic  
– Artefact: Arcane Tome
– Spell: Ironoak Skin

Doralia ven Denst (115)*
Freeguild General (100)*
– City Role: General’s Adjutant

10 x Darkshards
– City Role: Honoured Retinue

30 x Freeguild Crossbowmen (315)*
– Reinforced: Twice

10 x Freeguild Crossbowmen (105)*
4 x Stormdrake Guard (680)**
– Reinforced: Once

4 x Dracothian Guard Concussors (440)**

Core Battalions
*Battle Regiment
**Hunters of the Heartlands

Total: 1965 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 4 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 125
Drops: 3

Declan – I really like Cities of Sigmar lists, because it reminds me of my days playing Empire in Warhammer Fantasy, and I still have an army for Warmaster… so hark back to the good days of Crossbowmen and Halberdiers – all mono-pose.

Per has gone with a ‘not Cities’ Cities list like many before him though with 4 Dragons in one unit and 4 Dracothian Guard. At 1,120 points for these Stormcast units, it is a Stormcast army… just with some cheap units to back it up.

And the 30 Crossbows dish out damage – shorter range than the longstrikes and not as common, but ignore them at your peril – and that’s why this army works. Target priority… all of it good … and you want to kill it all. I don’t know what I’d go for first, but probably the Dragons to get a few points on the board before Per steamrollers the rest through!

Well done on a 4-1 — this needs to be piloted and practiced with.

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