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Gloomspite Gitz

My last outing with the Gloomspite Gitz ended with a 2-3 result and me playing against Gitz for game 5… so a good result for Gitz although not for most armies; but when it came to deciding which army to use for Warfare (12th – 13th November, 2022) I was very tempted to go back to Big Waaagh as it can smash (and bash) and win a few more games than the Gitz.

But, with the new Battlescroll and the reduction in points for Squig Herd and the Mangler Squig I couldn’t ignore GW’s attempt to make the Gitz playable – so I’ve gone back to them for a second time.

Games Workshop – Battlescroll

I tend to use a lot of Squig Herd models, and this was a significant cost saving for the lads. (100 points for the herd alone). It also meant I could look at an upgrade of my Grot on Giant Squig… (see below)

The List

Allegiance: Gloomspite Gitz
Grand Strategy: Show of Dominance

Loonboss on Mangler Squigs (270)***

Command Trait: Dodgy Character
Artefact: Arcane Tome (Universal Artefact)
Lore of the Moonclans: Itchy Nuisance
Madcap Shaman (80)***
Artefact: Moonface Mommet
Lore of the Moonclans: The Hand of Gork
Madcap Shaman (80)***
Lore of the Moonclans: The Hand of Gork

36 x Squig Herd (420)** Reinforced x 2
12 x Squig Herd (140)*
12 x Squig Herd (140)*
10 x Squig Hoppers (180)**
10 x Squig Hoppers (180)**

5 x Boingrot Bounderz (105)
5 x Boingrot Bounderz (105)
6 x Sneaky Snufflers (75)
6 x Sneaky Snufflers (75)
1 x Marshcrawla Sloggoth (150)***

Core Battalions
*Expert Conquerors
**Bounty Hunters

Additional Enhancements

Total: 2000 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 2 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 236
Drops: 13

This is similar to the previous list with a few small changes. The first is a reduction in the Boingrot Bounders from 10 models (reinforced units) to 5 models. This frees up 210 points to spend on more Gitz… I’ve gone for 2 Madcap Shamans with Hand of Gork to threaten the backfield of my opponent’s objectives. One of the little chaps also has the Moonface Mommet – effectively giving my Herd -1 rend against one unit each turn – not bad for a little chap.

My other big change, allowed by the reduction in points on Squig Herd, is to swap out the Loonboss on Giant Squig with a Loonboss on Mangler Squig. This allows me to assist all the Squigs in combat – a thing I struggled with at Warhammer World.

Games Workshop via Wahapedia

This turns the Squig Herd into 3+/2+ (with the Marshcrawler) and I won’t be low on command points whilst he is alive. And to help with that he is a ‘Dodgy Character’

Games Workshop via Wahapedia

Not helpful against spells, but he can mostly stay out of the way, or rely on the dispelling rolls of him and his mates. This does mean I lose two benefits in the last army. +3″ movement from the Giant Squig and re-roll random movements. But I think this more than makes up for that. At Warhammer World I didn’t advance far beyond my lines and doing damage was the main issue.

Having avoided ‘bottom Chump’ last time with 2 wins, I’m aiming for 2 wins again, but will be trying for 3! Let’s see if my last tournament of the year can be a fun one.

— Declan & Eeyore

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  1. Really enjoy reading these articles about preparation for and feedback from tournaments!

    Good luck with the Gitz!

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