Top Three AoS Lists for AoS @MOAB 2022

This is the Top Three AoS Lists for AoS @MoAB 2022 that took place in New South Wales, Australia on 1st and 2nd October. It involved 44 players vying to be crowned champion in a 5 game tournament.

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The Top Three AoS Lists

Allegiance: Idoneth Deepkin
Enclave: Ionrachet
– Grand Strategy: The Creeping Gloomtide
– Triumphs: Inspired

Akhelian King (250)*
– Bladed Polearm
– Command Trait: Unstoppable Fury
– Mount Trait: Voidchill Darkness
Eidolon of Mathlann, Aspect of the Sea (325)*
Artefact: Arcane Tome (Universal Artefact)
– Lore of the Deeps: Steed of Tides
– Incarnate bonded
Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers (115)*

6 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (390)*
Reinforced x 1
10 x Namarti Reavers (170)*
10 x Namarti Reavers (170)*
1 x Akhelian Allopexes (165)*
Retarius Net Launcher

Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur (400)*

*Battle Regiment

Total: 1985 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 1 / 4
Allies: 400 / 400
Wounds: 76
Drops: 1

Brett: Sitting right in the middle with a win rate of 50%, Idoneth are performing well and feature frequently on the podium, but not normally number 1. 5 wins in a bigger event is certainly a credit to the general. Joel’s doing things a bit differently as well, including Morrsarr (Eels) as a key part. With Legacy of Glory from Ionrach the Eels gain either run and charge or fallback and charge in addition to whatever the Tides are providing. 4 clear hammers (Akehlian King, Eidolon, Morrsarr and Krondspine) means there is a lot to deal with. The Reavers add solid shooting, flexibility to garrison the Shipwreck (not clear if it was here). While Lotaan has a really solid aura for a list that tends to castle, +1 to wound rolls for melee within 12″ making even Reaver melee something to consider.

The core though are those 6 eels having the ability to run and charge or fallback on the charge. It is easier to set up a fall back and charge to avoid a redeploy so having it is really strong. On the charge their Voidspear goes to -2 rend and 2 damage. Use the Krondspine backed by Reavers to pin one side of you attack and hit them with the Eels. If something needs dealing with both the King and Eidolon can act independently. Joel’s scored well throughout including all battle tactics and grand strategies with 27 as his lowest score. The last 2 rounds were against top 10 opponents with Big Waagh (Ironjawz heavy backed by BoltBoyz) and Khorne (both Bloodthirsters and Skarbrand.)


Allegiance: Sons of Behemat
Tribe: Breaker Tribe (Fierce Loathing: Bossy Pants and Clever Clog)
– Grand Strategy: No Place for the Weak
– Triumphs: Inspired

Gatebreaker Mega-Gargant (525)*
– Command Trait: Louder than Words
– Artefact: Vial of Manticore Venom (Universal Artefact) (fortcrusha flail)
Gatebreaker Mega-Gargant (525)*
Gatebreaker Mega-Gargant (525)*
Artefact: Arcane Tome (Universal Artefact)
– Universal Spell Lore: Flaming Weapon
– Bonded to incarnate

Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur (400)

Core Battalions
*Bosses of the Stomp – Magnificent

Total: 1975 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 0 / 4
Allies: 400 / 400
Wounds: 105
Drops: 4

Brett: Sons have really started to tower in the last couple of months, this is a very popular list in Season 1. 3 Gatebreakers (ranged attack) with a Krondspine in Breaker Tribe being especially peeved by heroes and wizards. Bosses of stomp with an extra artefact, in this case Manticore Venom and Tome with the Flaming Weapon. Very aggressive option as opposed to the tanky builds that we frequently see. The Incarnate is almost as difficult to remove as a gargant and gives good protection against Endless Spells. Dares your opponent to risk levelling the Incarnate? Terrenance’ scores were more volatile than Joel’s and he dropped 2 battle tactics which was enough to make him 2nd even with his 5/0.


Army Faction: Maggotkin of Nurgle
Army Subfaction: Drowned Men
– Grand Strategy: Blessed Desecration

1 x Be’lakor (360)
1 x Lord of Afflictions (210)*
– Command Traits: Overpowering Stench
– Incubatch
– Dolorous Tocsin
– Artefacts: The Splithorn Helm
1 x Orghotts Daemonspew (300)*

2 x Pusgoyle Blightlords (220)*
Dolorous Tocsin
2 x Pusgoyle Blightlords (220)*
Dolorous Tocsin
2 x Pusgoyle Blightlords (220)*
Dolorous Tocsin
2 x Pusgoyle Blightlords (220)*
Dolorous Tocsin
5 x Putrid Blightkings (250)*
– Icon Bearer
– Sonorous Tocsin Bearer

1 x Feculent Gnarlmaw (0)

*Battle Regiment

TOTAL POINTS: (2000/2000)

Brett: Variation on the very popular (especially in the UK) Nurgle Blightlord/Blightking list. Be’Lakor is now a common inclusion as a great combat wizard in his own right, combined here with Orghotts and Lord of Afflications. Tom has gone with a block of Blightkings instead of a group of 4 Blightlords to free up points for Be’Lakor/Orghotts. The heroes are 870pts or 44% of the list value. The Blightkings are slow but can give a lot of board control (base stats give 60 effective wounds – 20 wounds, 4+ save and 5+ ward). Otherwise everything is moving 8″ and spewing disease points/mortal wounds everywhere. It’s a flexible list that is hard to concentrate force against. While a shooting army might drop 2 x Blightlords that would mean you aren’t shooting the deamon princes.

Overall Tom and Terrance (2nd) were very close on score scoring 23 tactics and all grand strategies on the day but Tom lost to Terrance in the 3rd round. That’s a possible weakness of the smaller Blightlord units, a Gargant can deal with those pretty easily but the reverse isn’t true.


Army Faction: Blades of Khorne
Subfaction: Reapers of Vengeance
– Grand Strategy: Show of Dominance

Khaen, Harvester of Skulls.”
Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury (295)
Artefacts of Power: Skullshard Mantle
Oryx, Bane of Aqshy.”
Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage (280)
Artefacts of Power: Deathdealer
Skarbrand, the Exiled One.”
Skarbrand (380)**
Rakhan, The Red.”
Slaughterpriest (100)**
Hackblade and Wrath-hammer
– Prayers: Bronzed Flesh
Khargos, the Destroyer.”
Bloodsecrator (125)**
– Command Traits: Mage Eater
– Artefacts of Power: Skullshard Mantle
– Bonding: Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur

Bloodreavers (80)*
Icon Bearer
– Hornblower
– Chieftain
– Meatripper Axe
Bloodreavers (80)*
– Chieftain
– Icon Bearer
– Hornblower
– Meatripper Axe
Flesh Hounds (105)*

Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur (400)

Wrathmongers (145)**

Skull Altar (0)

*Expert Conquerors

TOTAL POINTS: 1990/2000

Brett: The extra list is an example of what Khorne is capable of now. It’s a hero list from the outset concentrating on the awesome power of Skarbrand with both Bloodthirsters. Doubling down with a Krondspine and only relatively small weak screening/action units (maybe not the Wrathmongers). The Flesh hounds have decent mobility to grab objectives in early rounds otherwise these units are mostly protecting the big boys and giving blood tithe points when they die. Khorne has some of the cheapest daemon summoning available (the can to it with 2 points). That cheap unit dies easily and refunds the cost, or you can unlock some very strong abilities if you don’t summon.

Krondspine is mostly a distraction in this list forcing you to split your attention, if you can focus fire it’s not that hard to drop either Bloodthirster or Skarbrand. His only loss was to Joel (1st) whose shooting/melee combination was too much to handle. Otherwise the lack of bodies appears to have reduced his scores across the board and saw Blake take 20 battle tactics. Still a really strong performance from a faction that even 4 months ago no one was really running.

Final Tournament Placings

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