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Model Showcase – Kruleboyz Gutrippas

So I’ve completed my first unit in prep for the battle of the skies in Northampton on 26th March.

I’ve gone for an off-green skin tone to try and represent an unhealthy living for these greenskins from living in boggy marshes and swamps.


  1. Undercoat Mechanicus Standard Grey
  2. Wash with Carroburg Crimson
  3. Drybrush Fenris Grey
  4. Glaze over highlights with Moot Green.


  1. Base coat with Mechanicus Standard Grey (the whole model was based in this colour).
  2. Paint with Yriel Yellow
  3. Wash with watered down Fire dragon Bright
  4. Recess shade with Agrax Earthshade
  5. Wash the lower half of the shield with Agrax Earthshade.
  6. Wash the last quarter with Nuln Oil (watered down).
  7. Highlight extreme edges with Flash Gitz Yellow.

Next up I’m going to start painting three Boltboyz and the Swampcalla.