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6mm Black Powder Gaming – Part 1

I have bought the new Epic Battles: Waterloo by Warlord Games and I’m slowly making my way through the painting much like Declan (when I’m not painting those pesky Kruleboyz). However, one thing I’ve noticed (as I’m sure many others have as well), is that the models are epic in scale but the basing and the rules are standard Black Powder. What I mean by this is that a standard unit in Epic:Waterloo is the same as a standard unit in regular Black Powder.

Credit: Yith’s Wagaming Blog – Check it out, its a fantastic read

This got me thinking to how you could have truly cinematic and epic battles in Black Powder by converting the inches to centimetres (like many others have done).

By doing this, you can play a regular game of black Powder on a much smaller play area – 2.4 feet by 1.6 feet rather then 6′ x 4′. But also, it gives you the option of playing much, much larger games on a regular table.

The only issue is the basing and miniatures. if you take a standard unit in Black Powder with a frontage of 240mm and divide this so it suits the cm measurements rather than inches (i.e. dividing 240mm by 2.5) you’ll get a standard unit frontage of 96mm (let’s call it 10cm). If we use increments of 20mm then the basing could look something like this:

The great thing about his, is that if you use Baccus Napoleonic 6mm infantry you can get two large bases completed for just £8.00!

But what about different formations. Well these could either be represented by a dice in one of the dice holders on the base (i.e. 3, for line, 4 for square etc) or you could just model some other bases as Square and attack column etc. I’m inclined by the later personally.

The other dice holder can also be used to measure the units stamina. For Dice holders I’m always inclined to use Pendraken.

But I’d like to know the opinions of those experienced in Black Powder and what they think!

Hobby Update – Epic Waterloo

Painting Warlord Games Epic British

Having picked up the starter set for Epic Waterloo by Warlord Games. I have spent this weekend starting the painting for the British.

I went straight to Peter’s article on painting the British and went to Miniature Realms excellent video. He mostly uses citadel contrast which is perfect for me, as I already had most of them, so the outlay for paint wasn’t that high.

Chaos Black & Grey Seer Zenithal

Spraying in the winter in the UK is never straight forward, but I clipped off some of the sprue and undercoated some of the chaps in Chaos Black. I then applied a Grey Seer zenithal highlight to help the Contrast paint hold.

I then applied a light highlight of Corax White from the pot to bring out a little more of the details.

Basilicum Grey Trousers

I am reliably informed (by the internet) that the British wore grey trousers as Waterloo, and so used Basilicum Grey as suggested by Miniature Realms.

I’m not the tidiest of painters, but I tried to steer clear of the torso so as to keep the white as clear as possible. I did deviate a little from the guide at this stage and have changed the order of the painting. Partly because I’m not sure the method of painting red (be careful) will fit with my painting style (splash it on!), so I may need to do more white highlighting later.


The shoes need to be black so I’ve used Black Templar on these. I didn’t take much time on these but more care is required for the Riflemen as some of them are wearing boots for variety.

I have painted the rifles here, but changed the order of painting later to speed things up

Faces and Hands

Gulliman Flesh is magic… and I’ve used it extensively on my Gargant army… they work just as well here and I’ve picked out the faces and hands.

Because the trousers are darker you can even go over the lines a little! But I try to be as careful as possible to reduce time going over the paint again.

Hair & Backpacks

Again, stealing all my colour schemes I used a mix of Nazdreg Yellow, Gore Grunta Fur (Brown), and Black Templar for the hair at the bottom of the Shako. This is such a small area, I’ll definitely need to go over the top of the backpacks in the future!

And I’ve done the backpacks and one of the containers in Black Templar as well. It’s definitely getting a lot of use and looking good so far. It’s also a large area to get completed so gives me a good bit of progress on all the models.

Batch Painting

In order to speed things up I am batch painting these… in a huge batch! So I’ve done the first steps on 60 strips for all but the backpacks – that’s this evening’s job! That means I’m doing 600 soldiers in a single batch paint!

I’ll split them up once I start to work on more detail areas, but I imagine the guns and shakos (hats) are next.

I’ll let you know how I get on! Hopefully I don’t go crazy.

— Declan