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Age of Sigmar Player Ratings w/e 24th July 2022

The Age of Sigmar Player Ratings are calculated using the Elo System, most known for creating the Chess Rankings. Players begin with a rating of 1,000 then gain or lose points based on their opponents rating.

The ratings are awarded according to your opponents rating. Beating an opponent with a rating of 1,030 will give you more points than beating an opponent with a rating of 1,010.

Ratings will be given to players who attend a two day event with at least 8 players. Those players must be using 2,000 point armies.

This Week’s Ratings

This wee we had an additional four GT’s with one of those involving 102 players!

The top three have all played at least nine games now with Josh Bennett and Thomas Guan winning every game they’ve played.

This week as an example I thought it may help to explain the rankings by looking at one players matches since I started this project.

The Ratings of Josh Bennett

Josh took part in two events in two weeks, the first was the ATC (American Team Championship) Age of Sigmar Team Event where he played four games. This was followed by the Outlaw Open at LSO.

Josh’s Rating (Pre-Game)Opponents NameOpponents Rating ResultJosh’s Rating Change
1,000.0Will Reyes989.4Win+9.7
1,009.7Stuart Gately990.0Win+9.4
1,019.1John Pawak1,000.0Win+9.5
1,028.6Eric Urbas970.6Win+8.3
1,036.9Vince Ptacek990.0Win+8.7
1,045.6Eugene Kahle1,010.0Win+9.0
1,054.6Matt Nguyen 1,020.0Win+9.0
1,063.6Adam Camenisch 1,030.0Win+9.0
1,072.6Dalton Kahle1,030.6Win+8.8
Josh Bennett’s Matches to Date

That gives Josh his final rating of 1,081.4.

Hopefully that explains clearly how the ratings work. Taking Josh’s example, if he’d have lost any of those later games, as his rating is a lot higher he would lose more points than he can be seen gaining. This is because his opponent would benefit from beating a high ranking player.


Here’s how the formula works for the maths geeks among you.

For those wanting to check my maths, the k factor we are using is 20.

Here’s my file: