Age of Sigmar Player Ratings w/e 17th July 2022

The Age of Sigmar Player Ratings are calculated using the Elo System, most known for creating the Chess Rankings. Players begin with a rating of 1,000 then gain or lose points based on their opponents rating.

Ratings will be given to players who attend a two day event with at least 8 players. Those players must be using 2,000 point armies.

This Week’s Ratings

Another week over, and a particularly busy week with 8 GT’s taking place in the US, Canada and UK. Six players have already attended their second event since we began tracking ratings on 1st July. Thomas Guan now tops the Worldwide table as one of those six players. Thomas is also the only player so far to play two different factions in two GT’s.

The health of AoS can be seen just by looking at these top ten places alone, with all the players using totally different factions from one another to get there.

Worldwide Top 10

Grand Alliance – Top 10’s

Moving on, instead of looking at individual regions or countries, I thought it may be interesting to look at the top 10 for each Grand Alliance. Jeremy and Tyler lead the way in order with their Kharadron Overlords and Stormcast Eternals armies.

Due to the number of events held in the US each week, we’re likely to see the board filled with US flags early doors, however as experience players keep winning tournaments this is likely to change.

The UK leads the way in Chaos…… With Max Soule having a stand out performance with his Slaves to Darkness earning him top Chaos spot. Three Maggotkin players appear inside this top 10, but will this wane as everyone gets used to the new GHB?

Andy Hughes and Michael Rausch share the top spot in the Death Grand Alliance, with Michael putting in a fantastic performance with Ossiarch Bonereapers!

Finally, last but certainly not least we have Destruction. With four Bonesplitterz armies appearing on the list (most of them Drakkfoot Big Stabba spam), it seems the other factions like Ironjawz and Sons are moving out of favour. We also have our first Canadian appearance with Garrett Fierling claiming a joint 6th place with his Sons of Behemat army.

I’m looking to write a html database where you can draw up your results or the results of a competitor when you input some search criteria. But that is some way off at present

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