Top Three AoS Lists from UK tSports Champions 2022

The UK tSports Champions 2022 was an inaugural event organised by the wonderful people at Honest Wargamer and TSportsNetwork. It took place in Nottingham, UK on 18th and 19th June. It involved 16 players from around the UK, vying to be crowned the champion of champions in a 5 game tournament.

Tournament Format

The format is a little different to your usual GT, in that players are seeded into groups on day 1, and then play each other person in their group once. Depending on where they finished in their group would determine which ‘final’ route they would be on the next day. (I.e. group winners could finished 1st-4th), runners up in the group would be playing for 5th-8th, and so on).

Our very own Declan is ranked high enough in the UK rankings, and as a result was invited to the event. He chose to play with his Big Waaagh! Which you can read about here.

As a result, I’ve invited Declan to discuss the armies in this article as who better but the man who took part! (Declan – cheers Peter; it was a great event!)

Before I jump into the Top Three, I just wanted to remind everyone of our friendly Discord server, where you can join in the conversation with the Woehammer crew and suggest articles or series for the website.

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The Top Three AoS Lists from the UK tSports Champions 2022

Top Three AoS UK tSport Champions -
 1st Place Beasts of Chaos
Top Three AoS UK tSport Champions - 1st Place Beasts of Chaos
Dan’s List, courtesy of Ziggy and TSportsNetwork

Declan – I’ve managed to avoid Dan this tournament season, mostly by virtue of not being good enough to compete with him. He has played a lot of different armies to qualify (see above on the left), but following the White Dwarf Article on Beasts of Chaos he has returned to an army he likes playing… and who can blame him with rend improving throughout the game.

In fact this is where this army excels – The incarnate can’t be killed easily, so can take turns 1-3 and the army takes over turn 3-5. And the army is Tzaangors… lots of them. They are the ‘close combat’ ones, and can dish out huge damage especially with their ability Guided by the Past which allows the whole unit to reroll hits and wounds if an enemy unit has already attacked in combat. So if Dan is in combat with weaker units he can let the enemy fight first, or if he’s charged! Then retreat & rally!

Top Three AoS UK tSport Champions - 2nd place Maggotkin of Nurgle
Top Three AoS UK tSport Champions
Courtesy of Ziggy & TSports Network

Declan: An army that regular readers of Woehammer will have seen come to the fore from Toby. He qualified with another variety of armies and represented Team England at AoS (as did Dan & Ritchie).

As Dan did he has also brought an Incarnate to survive, add punch, kill monsters and eat Endless Spells. Toby only lost to Dan in the final, and he’s been smashing the tournament scene all season. I was fortunate enough to play him at the start of the season and he (like all the 16 in the final) is a great player and great fun to play against.

The Nurgle are great because they can’t really be debuffed – large number of damage one attacks with minimal rend, but backed up by mortal wounds via disease markers. This is a great army, can do battle tactics in its sleep, and is a great counter to Seraphon Thunder Lizards (because of damage 1) who are at the top of the rankings with Nurgle.

Great result for Toby in his first full season at AoS.

Top Three AoS UK tSport Champions -  3rd place Maggotkin of Nurgle
Top Three AoS UK tSport Champions
Courtesy of Ziggy & T Sports Network

Declan: I was fortunate to play Ritchie in a very tight game (only 3 VPs in it), when I grabbed the win. But he qualified top of the group by beating the 2 Seraphon lists in Group 1. This was no easy feat though, and with the pressure on game 2, Ritchie beat Mike Stewart – the number one ranked player in the World! It really does show the importance of not letting an early defeat put you off your game.

Like his fellow top three players, Ritchie is in Team England and qualified for the Top 16 by playing a large variety of armies. He has the same core as Toby with Blightlords, at least one Lord of Affliction and an Incarnate. His optional choices include another monster (Bloab) allowing him to grap additional battle tactic points from making a 3rd unit into a monster, or a second for Savage Spearhead. Making full use of GHB21 and the season of the monsters.

UK tSport Champions 4th place Fyreslayers
Courtesy of Ziggy & T-Sports Network

Declan – Peter has chosen the last of the top qualifiers and Alex did very well with a Magmadroth inspired army, only falling at the Nurgle wall of flesh that was Toby & Ritchie. Fyreslayers are good, survivable and the Magmadroths can dish out damage, take damage and use their runes to do exactly what they need to do, when the need to do it.

Being able to put 3 Magmadroths in Hunters of the Heartland is a great touch in GHB21 and obviously this is not repeatable in GHB22, but the army will definitely have play in the new edition. Fyreslayers are here to stay and I’m sure Alex will have a great season for GHB22 as well.

Declan – A huge thank you to Ziggy for running the event, and Rob for hosting. It was amazing and a great end to an incredible season for me! Top marks, and all games were played at a top level, with all players having fun as well.

Full Tournament Results

Thanks to T-Sports Network for the great graphics. Why not visit them on their Twitch channel and watch some of the games back. There is a small charge to join, but for that you get to see the top players playing competitive Age of Sigmar. It is the end of the season, but there’s lots here to learn that’ll help any player in GHB22.

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