Rogue Trader Collection – V

Following on from last week’s post, I’ve not been able to get too much done painting wise. However a couple of pieces have arrived to enable me to do a quick dry fit mock up.

Is this a good layout?

As you can see I’ve had a bear rug delivered from a seller on Etsy (apologies I can’t recall the seller). And I’ve had a name plaque delivered from Versatile Terrain.

I’m more than happy with the name plaque which will get painted up and placed on the side of the plinth once that arrives from Green Stuff World. The bear however….. I’m not as keen on. It feels a little too large for the scene. Especially if I’m going to try and include a wall in the background. Also the print quality isn’t great.

I’m tempted at this stage to remove the rug from the equation.

While I’m here I wanted to give a massive shout out to fellow club member Steve Milford who sold me some metal rogue trader models you see below. But who also threw in some of the lovely plastic original space marines from the RTB1 set. Very generous!

Rogue Trader Imperial Bike – I think this is part of RT106 “Vincent Blackshadow”
Rogue Trader era terminator (I recognise this, but can’t pin point the exact code, it may be slightly later than RT).
I believe this was a Squat from the RT03 set named “Owen Garano” (1987)
RTB1 Marines

So what to do with these? The marines will be stripped and then painted up as Crimson Fists (may need to source a couple of arms and a boltgun). The terminator I’m going to to try and track down what set it belongs to before committing it to a paint scheme, however it may also end up as a Crimson Fist.

The Squat will get painted up and placed on a 25mm scenic base of some sort to wait for the rest of his brothers from that set who’ll then also be displayed on a plinth at some point.

I’m hoping that I’ll have the Imperial Commander sorted by next week (as long as the remaining parts arrive) at which point I can start thinking about which of the models to do next (yeah, it’ll be the land speeder).

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