Warhammer 40,000: Imperium – Issue #1

As a massive fan boy of both 40k and Space Marines when I heard about the new Hatchette collection for Space Marines and Necrons I jumped at the chance.

For those who aren’t aware, Games Workshop and Hatchette are working together to allow players to collect, paint and game with Space Marines and Necrons in a weekly magazine. Each week you’re sent a new issue which usually contains 1-3 models and some paint. The issue will give you background on the models you’ve been sent as well as instructions on how to build and paint them.

Issue #1 arrived through my door late last week. This week’s magazine includes two models, a Primaris Lieutenant with Volkite Pistol and a Necron Royal Warden.

No paints this week, but as a subscriber I did receive a pair of clippers, glue and seam remover as a free gift.

The magazine is nicely detailed, with some information about the factions you’re collecting and some ideas for colour schemes aside from the one you see included on the cover.

Your also given a set of six dice and a small game Matt so that you can take part in your first game (the Warden v the Lieutenant).

The gaming mat

Although it’s not the best quality, I did like that the gaming mat has wound tokens and objective markers which can be cut out and used.

After some work I managed to glue both figures together ready for painting (which as they’re push fit, you don’t need to but I would recommend).

I’ve left the back pack of the marine to make it easier to paint.

I won’t be painting my Marines in the colours of the Ultramarines as shown in the magazine but instead will be painting them as my homebrew chapter the Void Dragons.

One of my other Void Dragon Lieutenants

I’ll try and keep you updated with my progress with the magazine and the two armies as and when I can.

But if you’re interested in subscribing, then I would suggest you check out the website here.

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