SCN Hobby World

Woehammer has been affiliated with SCN Hobby World for some time now and all the members of the team purchase their plastic crack supplies through SCN rather than others such as Element Games, Goblin Gaming or Wayland Games.


Because if you sign up to the mailing list of SCN Hobby World you can benefit up to 25% off the recommended retail price of Games Workshop products. What’s more is that you’ll also benefit from 10% off on web only products.

SCN Hobby World also stock a variety of other manufacturers and game systems as well. From Warlord Games to Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering.

Why don’t you check out there website today SCN Hobby World.

To join the mailing list email

The Woeful Brush Painting Competition Sponsored by SCN Hobby World

Closing date for entries 30th November. £1 entry, win your choice of a Start Collecting or Combat Patrol box set!


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