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Friday Follow – No Rerolls

No Rerolls is a great little site and one that I’ve been following for a good while now. It doesn’t get nearly enough recognition!

His series 5 on Friday is great place to find out about new and upcoming releases, not only for Games Workshop but for other suppliers as well. For example his most recent 5 on Friday had previews of Warlord Games’ new game Kiss my Axe, Hasbro’s 2022 edition of Diplomacy and the RPG game Blaster available through DriveThruRPG.

Tavendale has great skill with a brush as well as shown by some of his most recent models:

I urge you to go and check out No Rerolls!

Friday Follow – Plastic Craic

I’m back… and it’s another Friday Follow!

This time, it’s a fellow blogger, whose been at it far longer than Peter & me, and is an expert of his craft. He also runs monthly competitions where the winners get to take home internet points and bathe in the glory of their success.

So who is this hero? It’s none other than Peter at Plastic Craic

From Peter’s Twitter! See he plays too.

Plastic Craic has been around for a long time, and keep providing great content for Age of Sigmar. Having had a short rest whilst his country was shut down he’s well and truly back and it’s great to have his contributions to the on-line community.

By far my favourite articles are the monthly list building challenges. In February that was writing a list with Curse in it; and the community delivered in spades.

Check it out here

The latest list challenge article.

Peter is also a very active Destruction player, which makes him an all round top-bloke and a very experienced gamer to pick the brains of in the Gloomspite Gitz WhatsApp Group.

Cheers Plastic Craic! Keep it up!

— Declan

Friday Follow – Tournament Calendars

I go to a lot of tournaments as weekends are the best time for me to play games… plus I get to play lots of new players and new armies!

But how do you find them in your local area?

There are heroes throughout Warhammer looking after you, and I want to shout out to two of them.

The Dankhold (UK)

Trogg has an occasional blog, but also a list of all tournaments in the UK! It’s a great resource and one I use… a lot! Especially if I find myself with a spare weekend.

AOS Shorts (Worldwide)

Dan runs a website with lots of resources for Age of Sigmar, under the branding ‘AOS Shorts’. If you’ve never seen it, give it a read – and use the calendar to get your tournament fix.

And if you’re uncertain whether to go or not, take the plunge, sign up and let the tournament organiser know that you are new! We’ve all got to start somewhere and I always find the AOS community very welcoming.

— Declan

Friday Follow – Imperial Rebel Ork

This is my first (Hopefully of many!) Friday Follow. My intention is to share other blogs that I really enjoy.

Imperial Rebel Ork

Recently I’ve really been enjoying IRO’s Saint Kristos – Pirate Island posts. This will be a massive 12ft by 8ft table when it’s finished and boy.does it look good!

They’ve also got a cracking alternate reality Napoleonic game going on in Turnip28. Seriously talented in terrain making and painting, I often find myself staring at the terrain pictures for ages. Why not head over there and check out IRO.

Friday Follow

I don’t often follow the crowd… not least because I don’t understand it, or where it is headed, but this Friday I wanted to shout out two groups in advance of the tournament this weekend.

Purple Sparkly Unicorns

A great group based in the UK, often seen at tournaments in their understated club shirts, they are certainly more visible than the green of the Age of Chumps I wear. If you spot a grown hobbyist wearing a Unicorn it’ll be them. They’ve even been known to bring cuddly Unicorns with them! I’ve not seen them make up rules for them yet, and bring them on the table but there’s a first time for everything.

Give them a follow on Twitter and they’ll no doubt keep you informed of the action this weekend at March to War – an AOS 5 game tournament held at Element Games.

The Hobby Room

The second shout-out (or ‘Follow’ I suppose) is to the Hobby Room. Ceri & Ben run a tight ship, with lots of shows on Twitch and lots of hobby content online.

They have regular show times that they publicise on Twitch and have great Hobby Content. They are also both great to play against, although Ceri did beat up my poor Kragnos the last time we met, and Ben Morathi’d me to death (although with no bow snakes!)

They have coverage of the March to War as well this weekend as well as some live coverage of tables – so check them out if you can’t make the event. It’ll be a great show.

The Hobby Room also host the Pile of Potential which has prompted Peter to look at his collection and get painting again.

Give them both a follow and check on the March of War this weekend (22nd & 23rd January 2022)

— Declan