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I don’t often follow the crowd… not least because I don’t understand it, or where it is headed, but this Friday I wanted to shout out two groups in advance of the tournament this weekend.

Purple Sparkly Unicorns

A great group based in the UK, often seen at tournaments in their understated club shirts, they are certainly more visible than the green of the Age of Chumps I wear. If you spot a grown hobbyist wearing a Unicorn it’ll be them. They’ve even been known to bring cuddly Unicorns with them! I’ve not seen them make up rules for them yet, and bring them on the table but there’s a first time for everything.

Give them a follow on Twitter and they’ll no doubt keep you informed of the action this weekend at March to War – an AOS 5 game tournament held at Element Games.

The Hobby Room

The second shout-out (or ‘Follow’ I suppose) is to the Hobby Room. Ceri & Ben run a tight ship, with lots of shows on Twitch and lots of hobby content online.

They have regular show times that they publicise on Twitch and have great Hobby Content. They are also both great to play against, although Ceri did beat up my poor Kragnos the last time we met, and Ben Morathi’d me to death (although with no bow snakes!)

They have coverage of the March to War as well this weekend as well as some live coverage of tables – so check them out if you can’t make the event. It’ll be a great show.

The Hobby Room also host the Pile of Potential which has prompted Peter to look at his collection and get painting again.

Give them both a follow and check on the March of War this weekend (22nd & 23rd January 2022)

— Declan

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