Friday Follow – Plastic Craic

I’m back… and it’s another Friday Follow!

This time, it’s a fellow blogger, whose been at it far longer than Peter & me, and is an expert of his craft. He also runs monthly competitions where the winners get to take home internet points and bathe in the glory of their success.

So who is this hero? It’s none other than Peter at Plastic Craic

From Peter’s Twitter! See he plays too.

Plastic Craic has been around for a long time, and keep providing great content for Age of Sigmar. Having had a short rest whilst his country was shut down he’s well and truly back and it’s great to have his contributions to the on-line community.

By far my favourite articles are the monthly list building challenges. In February that was writing a list with Curse in it; and the community delivered in spades.

Check it out here

The latest list challenge article.

Peter is also a very active Destruction player, which makes him an all round top-bloke and a very experienced gamer to pick the brains of in the Gloomspite Gitz WhatsApp Group.

Cheers Plastic Craic! Keep it up!

— Declan

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