Friday Follow – Tournament Calendars

I go to a lot of tournaments as weekends are the best time for me to play games… plus I get to play lots of new players and new armies!

But how do you find them in your local area?

There are heroes throughout Warhammer looking after you, and I want to shout out to two of them.

The Dankhold (UK)

Trogg has an occasional blog, but also a list of all tournaments in the UK! It’s a great resource and one I use… a lot! Especially if I find myself with a spare weekend.

AOS Shorts (Worldwide)

Dan runs a website with lots of resources for Age of Sigmar, under the branding ‘AOS Shorts’. If you’ve never seen it, give it a read – and use the calendar to get your tournament fix.

And if you’re uncertain whether to go or not, take the plunge, sign up and let the tournament organiser know that you are new! We’ve all got to start somewhere and I always find the AOS community very welcoming.

— Declan

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