GHB 22-23: Woehammer Player Rankings

Edit 4th August 2023: Reclassified Wartilyo GT to the Asia region rather than Oceania. Also slight correction with data being pulled through to the post. This has been corrected but I don’t believe it’s had any effect on the top placings in each region or worldwide.

So our first full year of Woehammer Player Rankings is over and the results are in!

A a reminder, the way the results are calculated is a handicap system based on win rates at the time of the tournament event. For example, playing Gloomspite Gitz and getting 4-1 at a tournament under their old Battletome, would get you a lot more points than getting 4-1 with them once their new Battletome was released.

The system rewards players for success with underperforming factions.

As well as this, ther are event size multipliers dependent upon the number of players who attended.

The faction scores used are calculated for each Battlescroll (3 month period).

The top four tournament scores for a player goes towards their Woehammer Ranking results.

For a full breakdown on how Player Rankings are calculated, they’re all explained here.

So without further ado let’s get into the top 10 players from each region starting with the region that had the least amount of GT’s. We’ll then get the World Top 10.

There were a total of 5,306 players that attended GT’s that we have knowledge of, and each and every one has received a World and Regional Ranking based on their Woehammer Points score. If you’re interested in seeing where you ranked up, head on over to our Player Rankings page for 22-23.








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