This is the Top Three AoS Lists for TURNAJ O NÁČELNÍKA OPIČÍCH HOR that took place in the Czech Republic on 13th and 14th July. It involved 24 players vying to be crowned champion in a 5 game tournament.

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The Top Three AoS Lists

Army Faction: Seraphon
Army Type: Coalesced
– Subfaction: Thunder Lizard
– Grand Strategy: Continuous Expansion
– Triumph: Inspired

Engine of the Gods (265)
– Command Traits: Prime Warbeast
– Prayers: Curse
Skink Oracle on Troglodon (270)
Artefacts of Power: Fusil of Conflagration
– Mount Traits: Beastmaster
– Spells: Hand of Glory
– Bonding: Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur
Lord Kroak (430)*
Spells: Stellar Tempest
Saurus Astrolith Bearer (140)*
Skink Priest (90)*
Prayers: Curse

Saurus Guard (115)*
Saurus Guard (115)*
Saurus Warriors (105)*
Saurus Warrior Alpha
Celestite Club and Powerful Jaws
– 2 x Stardrake Icon Bearer
– 2 x Wardrummer

Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur (400)*

1 x Umbral Spellportal (70)

1 x Realmshaper Engine (0)

*Battle Regiment

TOTAL POINTS: 2000/2000

Danny: The list is entirely built around maximum threat projection from Kroak. I imagine the Spellportal is for turn 1 spell spam while the Oracle and Krondspine get into position, the former to pin threats while the latter grabs objectives and acts as a mobile Spellportal.

16″ with the Astrolith bearer from wherever the Spell-portal or Oracle is – assuming Kroak is sitting pretty next to the portal – might end up with the option of pumping at his 3x scroll spell anywhere that’s meaningful on the board.

Having the Krondspine bound to the Oracle also gives it a better chance of getting Portal set up T1 for Kroak to spam through so he doesn’t have to use up one of his.


Army Faction: Daughters of Khaine
Subfaction: Zainthar Kai
– Grand Strategy: Bloodbath
– Triumph: Inspired

High Gladiatrix (90)**
– Command Traits: Zealous Orator
– Artefacts of Power: Arcane Tome
– Spells: Steed of Shadows, The Withering
– Bonding: Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur
Morathi-Khaine (680)**
The Shadow Queen (680)**

Blood Sisters (140)*
Blood Sisters (140)*
Blood Stalkers (540)*

Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur (400)

*Expert Conquerors
**Command Entourage
– Magnificent

TOTAL POINTS: 1990/2000

Danny: Running the Krondspine with Morathi is a riff on the Gotrek combo in that it gives a usually super fragile faction two big utility hammers that are also super-anvils.

Krondspine lacks Gotrek’s pure combat prowess but offers DoK a rare source of a bonus to cast and, more crucially, a way to pin or block key threats to their squishy core of blood sisters/stalkers. In this case, it’s bound to a Gladiatrix – their cheapest hero – with a Tome, meaning it just snakes in under the points limit.

The rest – a 15 blob of double shooting sneks with zealous orator to keep them coming back – is standard fare now, but no less effective for it. The only loss coming from Nurgle suggests a lack of scoring potential or pure damage ceiling – but either way a great result with a streamlined list.


Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords
– Sky Port: None
– Mortal Realm: Ghur
– Grand Strategy: Take What’s Theirs
– Triumphs: Inspired

Kharadron Code
Artycle: Master The Skies
– Amendment: Always Take What You Are Owed
– Footnote: Without Our Ships We Are Naught

Aether-Khemist (90)*
– Command Trait: Collector
– Artefact: Spell in a Bottle
Aetheric Navigator (85)*
Artefact: Voidstone Orb
Arkanaut Admiral (125)**
Artefact: Arcane Tome (Universal Artefact)
– Universal Spell Lore: Flaming Weapon
Celestant-Prime, Hammer of Sigmar (325)*

10 x Arkanaut Company (90)**
1x Skypikes
– 1x Light Skyhooks
– 1x Aethermatic Volley Guns
10 x Arkanaut Company (90)**
1x Skypikes
– 1x Light Skyhooks
– 1x Aethermatic Volley Guns
10 x Arkanaut Company (90)*
1x Skypikes
– 1x Light Skyhooks
– 1x Aethermatic Volley Guns
10 x Grundstok Thunderers (270)**
Reinforced x 1
Arkanaut Ironclad (490)**
Main Gun: Great Volley Cannon
– Great Endrinworks: The Last Word
Arkanaut Frigate (250)
Main Gun: Heavy Sky Cannon

Endless Spells
Purple Sun of Shyish (70)

Core Battalions
*Warlord – Magnificent
**Battle Regiment

Total: 1975 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 1 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 106
Drops: 6

Danny: Until the last set of FAQs, KO were struggling in a meta that rewarded save-stacking and objective play – for the obvious reasons they don’t have access to much rend or objective play. But the Purple Sun changes everything, given they can auto-cast it from Spell in a Bottle. Turns out giving access to an additional pip of rend to an army that revolves entirely around ranged threat projection changes the script.

The Celestant-Prime proves a perennial and valuable ally, offering a targeted, bankable melee scalpel thanks to his auto-charge out of reserves.

All told, KO are having a proper renaissance – even though they’re still badly in need of their _actual_ book being brought in line with 3e, it’s great to see generals finding creative workarounds and getting some serious results in the meantime.


Army Faction: Ogor Mawtribes
Army Subfaction: Boulderhead
– Grand Strategy: Take What’s Theirs
– Triumphs: Inspired

1 x Frostlord on Stonehorn (430)
– Command Traits: Lord of Beasts
– Artefacts: Brand of the Svard
– Mount Traits: Old Granitetooth
1 x Huskard on Thundertusk (335)
Blood Vulture
– Mount Traits: Alvagr Ancient
– Prayers: Pulverising Hailstorm
1 x Frostlord on Stonehorn (430)
Mount Traits: Metalcruncher

4 x Mournfang Pack (320)*
Horn Blower – Banner Bearer
– Gargant Hackers
– Ironlock Pistol
2 x Mournfang Pack (160)*
Gargant Hackers
– Ironlock Pistol
1 x Stonehorn Beastriders (320)*

*Bounty Hunters

TOTAL POINTS: (1995/2000)

Peter: I chose an Ogors list today as we don’t see too many of these. Frostlords and Huskards always hit like a tonne of bricks causing on average 16.2 damage before saves! Boulderhead gives the big boys an extra wound and a mount trait for every Stonehorn or Thundertusk.

It’s a quick army with the slowest units moving 9″ a turn, and with high wounds and high saves all round it’s surprisingly durable as well.

They’ll want to get in your face as quickly as they can to take advantage of their high damage outputs.

Final Tournament Placings

For the full tournament results see

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