AoS Stats for February

The below list are the tournaments that have been used to populate this data.

Quest of Champions – Heat 1
Columbus Brewhammer
Ragnarok Hobbies
Mindgames and Magic February AoS Tournament
South Bend Age of Sigmar: February Tournament
Da Great South Waagh
Gods of War 2
Sunday Slaughter 7
Torna! (A Udine) AoS
Bloodshed in the Shires
Battle of Copenhagen
Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition Tourney 2/12/2022 @Level Up Games
Schlact Um Wiener Neustadt 3
Apotheosis – 22
Emerald City Open
The Lone Star GT
Giga King of the Hill Pt 1
Beginner Friendly Learner Tournament
War Under the Mountain 11
Grot Gang RTT 3: Reloaded
Atomic Age of Sigmar
Lone Star GT Practice
Tiny Fanatic I TTB Aos Open 2022
Leodis Legion AOS 19th February
Age of Sigmar Hispania 2022
Loremaster #2
Cherokee Open – age of Sigmar GT
Age of Sigmar Tournament Hosted by Oscar Lars & Warp Charged Gaming Slambo Age of Sigmar
PCG Hosts Lightly Salted’s 1st Age of Sigmar RTT
Old Town Throw Down
AOS Milano – February Warm Up
Brewdog AOS GT
GT Pomeranian
Little Alpacup III
Mawtribes Massacre: Resurgence

Most Selected Grand Alliance

This month I’ve included a split as calculated by the number of battletomes for each Grand Alliance, the column on the far right shows each Grand Alliances variance to this ideal share. Order maintains its 40%+ share of all armies at tournaments. While Death still props up the rest with 13.3% in Feb falling from 15.4% in January.

Grand Alliance Win Rates

Order remain the top faction with a win rate of 50.7% but this has dropped from 53.3% last month. While last months second placed Grand Alliance, Destruction has fallen to last place with a win rate of 46.3%. Chaos climbed from last place in January to 2nd place in February, increasing their win rate to 48.5% from 42.9%.

Most Selected Battletome

Stormcast Eternals are still the most selected faction with 14.7% choosing to play the faction. Fyreslayers claim the wooden spoon with 1.1% allowing the Hedonites of Slaanesh to move up a position and increase their share from 0.6% to 1.3% or armies played.

Battletome Win Rates

Many articles I’ve read and players I’ve spoken too have said that for balance to be in the game each Battletome needs to have a win rate of between 45-55%. This of course is a pipe dream and an extremely difficult task to achieve, that being said this does show which Battletomes possibly need to be reviewed by GW in the future. More so if a Battletome is consistently underperforming such as Skaven or Gloomspite Gitz

Top 20 Most Selected Sub-Faction

It’ll probably come as no surprise that the Hammers of Sigmar still lead the table in the most played sub-faction.

Win rates for Sub-Factions with 50+ Games

Legion of the First Prince leads the way here with a disgustingly good 61.1% over Jan and Feb. While Skaventide prop up the rest with 34%.

5-0’s & 4-1’s

Below is a list of the number of times a faction/subfaction combo has achieved a 4-0-1 or better at a 5 game tournament

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