(UPDATED) AoS Stats for January

I’ve updated the January AoS stats with a number of tournaments that happened at the end of the month, namely those in bold in the list below. Going forwards from February onwards, I’m only going to include tournaments where more than 16 players attended.

Be wary those, these are for all the one day and two day events that we’ve covered plus two or three more. All armies are at 2,000 points and using the current rules and FAQ’s.

The below list are the tournaments that have been used to populate this data.

Golden Sprue AoS GT 2022
Clash of Swords
Coliseum of Sigmar
PSU: March to War
Norwegian Masters
Kirwans Game Store Monthly AoS Tournament
January 8th Metagames 2k Tournament
Grudge Hammer LVO Prep Event
Dallas Defenders New Year New Player
TTWG Sigmar Bash
MOX Age of Sigmar Tournament
Forge & Fire 2k Age of Sigmar
Viking Games RTT: Realm of Viking Part I
Gitmob Charity Brawl 2022
LVO 2022
Warpfire New Year Knockout
Knights of the Pond Game Day #7
New Year New Friends
Clockwork AoS Monthly
Windy City AoS Champion Smash

Most Selected Grand Alliance

Table before LVO Update
Table after LVO update

With an increase of 455 additional armies to the table, the percentages have barely changed, with Order still top at 41.9% of all armies present at tournaments in January. The biggest change is to Death’s representation post the LVO, with their share increasing to 16.3% from 12.5%.

Grand Alliance Win Rates

Before LVO Update
After LVO Update

Order have claimed the top spot from Destruction post the LVO update, with Destruction falling to below 50% win rate overall. Death and Chaos pretty much remain the same.

Most Selected Faction

Stormcast Eternals are still the most selected faction after the update with 14.1% choosing to play the faction. Declan and three others were the only to represent Big Waaagh! at tournaments in January, but is Declan a trend setter?

Faction Win Rates

Cities of Sigmar take over from Idoneth Deepkin to lead the table here with a massive 69.0% win rate over 71 games. With Declan and the Big Waaagh! in second. However, let’s narrow this down to the more popular factions who have played at least 50 games:

A lot more factions in this table now with Cities and Idoneth dominating the win rates. Kruleboyz, Fyreslayers and Skaventide prop the rest up, all with win rates of less that 40% (this doesn’t bode well for my Kruleboyz at Burning Skies next month!).

Top 10 Most Selected Sub-Faction

Before LVO Update
After LVO Update

It’ll probably come as no surprise that the Hammers of Sigmar still lead the table in the most played sub-faction.

Skaventide have dropped completely from the table.

Top 10 Win rates for Sub-Factions with 20+ Games

Cities of Sigmar/Living City now top this table at 75.9% win rate over 29 games. While the Beasts of Chaos who are getting their (much needed) White Dwarf update shortly are sitting at the bottom of the table with just 28% wins from their 25 games.

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