The 7 Days of Nurgle – Day 3 – Spells!

With the release of the Maggotkin of Nurgle book, I’m going to be scouring the internet for information on the book and presenting it to you over the next 7 days, so that you don’t have to (but we all know you will!).

I’ve already covered:

It’s the third day of Nurglemas and today I’m bringing you news on the Spells from the book.

Again shout out to those with preview access to the book for sharing it. Today’s is mostly from the gang at Sprues and Brews. Do go and give them a read!

The Maggotkin of Nurgle have two spell lores. One for Mortals, and one for Daemons. Read on to find more!

Mortal Spell Lore – Lore of Malignance

Magnificent Buboes

Casting Value: 7; Range: 21″; Pick an enemy hero; they are -1 to hit, chant, cast, unbind and dispel

Great to be able to affect Chant and the long range will mean this can be cost. But a 7+ on 2D6 is not straight forward. I know from Hand of Gork that this is not guaranteed.

Plague Squall

Casting Value: 6; Range: Visible; Roll 7 dice and for each 6 you can assign a disease token to a visible enemy unit

A great way to get the plague & disease rolling. And inifinite range!

Cloying Quagmire

Casting Value: 5; Range: 14″; Pick an enemy unit and roll a dice. If the roll is equal or higher than the unit’s save characteristic then half their move and subtract 2 from all running and charging rolls.

Easy to cast, likely to affect those units you want to affect, but low range. When the opponent is this close, is the reduction in speed going to be a benefit?

Blades of Putrefaction

Casting Value: 7; Range: 14″; Cast on a friendly unit. It generates disease tokens on 5s and 6s to hit (rather than just a 6).

We know how powerful this can be with Kruleboyz poision and so this is likely to be a popular spell. 7+ is still a difficult number though – despite being the number of Nurgle!

Gift of Disease

Casting Value: 6; Range: 21″; Pick an enemy unit in range. Give that unit and all other enemy units within 7″ if the target a disease token.

This is great, and with a reasonable casting value and good range is likely to be a popular spell with mortal wizards

Rancid Visitations

Casting Value: 6; Range: 7″; Roll a dice for each enemy model in the target unit and in range. On a 2+ they suffer 1 mortal wound.

This is great against hordes… which unfortunately are not currently dominating the top tables. But you never know, they may be back once we leave Ghur behind in June 2022… a sleeper option

Daemon Spell Lore – Lore of Virulence

Favoured Poxes

Casting Value: 7; Range: 14″; Cast on an enemy unit. That enemy unit has -1 to hit, wound and save rolls until the caster moves, attacks, casts, unbinds, attempts a dispel, or is slain.

Wow! Just think of this on a Gargant cast from a small Daemon Wizard hidden 13″ away. Great!

Fleshy Abundance

Casting Value: 7; Range: 14″; Cast on a friendly NURGLE DAEMON unit. That unit has +1 wound

Wow! A great spell to turn the 2 wound Plaguebearers into a tarpit. 30 wounds for 150 points is far from bad. But it is cast on a 7+ – not straight forward.

Stream of Corruption

Casting Value: 6; Range: 7″; Roll a dice for each enemy model within 7″. On a 5+ that model suffers a mortal wound. You can optionally increase the range to 14″, but mortal wounds are inflicted on a 6.

Easier to cast, you need to be close – so Great Unclean One – but it is another horde cleaner.


Overall, I like these spell lores and they definitely have a few options. The large number of 7+ spells means that they can’t be relied on, and with many other armies have bonuses to dispel it makes these more difficult to rely upon. I think I would take the easier ones to cast, and use Mystic Shield a lot!

Join us tomorrow for Day 4 of Nurgle!

— Declan

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