The 7 Days of Nurgle – Day 6 – Summoning

With the release of the Maggotkin of Nurgle book, I’m going to be scouring the internet for information on the book and presenting it to you over the next 7 days, so that you don’t have to (but we all know you will!).

I’ve already covered:

It’s the sixth day today I’m bringing you news on the Summoning options available to Maggotkin of Nurgle

Again shout out to those with preview access to the book for sharing it. Today’s is mostly from the gang at Sprues and Brews. Do go and give them a read!

Each of the 4 Chaos Gods have a summoning mechanic which is different in every case. Tzeentch benefit from spells, Khorne from units dying, Slaanesh from not quite killing, and Nurgle… from existing!

The mechanic for Nurgle has not changed a lot, but there are changes to the cost of units and the availability of units (no more 5 or 20 plaguebearers for example). Nurgle have contagion points (which you’ll have seen referred to in my previous articles).

  • 3 Contagion Points (CP) – at least 1 Maggotkin of Nurgle unit in your territory
  • 3 Contagion Points (CP) – at least 1 Maggotkin of Nurgle units in your enemy’s territory
  • 1 Contagion Point – no enemy units in your territory
  • 1 Contagion Point – no enemey units in their territory
  • 1 Contagion Point – per Feculent Gnarlmaw
  • x Contagion Points – various command traits and spells.

This means that you will get 5 points if you go first – perhaps 4 if your opponent Alpha-Strikes into your territory (looking at Ironjawz again!). It is possible to build more into summoning, but as there is no secondary benefit (like Tzeentch in casting spells), it might be difficult to do that. Summoning for Nurgle has mostly been a nice benefit in addition to the army, and not something to work towards. That said I’m sure someone will come up with a summoing list when the book is available this weekend.

But what can be summoned:

30Great Unclean One
18Plague Drones (3)
14Plague Bearer Host (10)
12Poxbringer – Herald of Nurgle
10Beast of Nurgle (1)
9Feculent Gnarlmaw
8Nurgling Swarm (3)
7Sloppity Bilepiper – Herald of Nurgle
7Spoilpox Scrivener – Herald of Nurgle

There’s a few options there and the internet is already discussing the benefit of summoning Sloppity or Spoilpox over including them in the intial army, as you should get the summoning for them turn 2. But it is expensive to get any of these units, and feels to me (with no summoning in Destruction!) that they are useful as last turn objective grabbers, or to block up and kill a low wound character. But Nurglings… for 8 points — I’d definitely have some of that!


Nurgle hasn’t been made overpowered with the summoning and it feels at the right level, although the loss of 5 Plaguebearer summoning will hurt some of the existing players I’m sure they’ll be able to adapt.

Join us tomorrow for Day 7 of Nurgle where I’ll be wrapping up this coverage!

— Declan