The 7 Days of Nurgle – Day 4 – Command Abilities

With the release of the Maggotkin of Nurgle book, I’m going to be scouring the internet for information on the book and presenting it to you over the next 7 days, so that you don’t have to (but we all know you will!).

I’ve already covered:

It’s the fourth day today I’m bringing you news on the Command Abilities from the book.

Again shout out to those with preview access to the book for sharing it. Today’s is mostly from the gang at Sprues and Brews. Do go and give them a read!

Similarly to the Spell Lores there are 2 sets of Command Traits in the book. One for Mortals and one for Daemons.

Mortal Command Traits – Lords of the Rotbringers

Grandfather’s Blessing

Once per game you can move the cycle of corruption 1 step forward.

This seems to be the only way to do this, and so the ability is powerful. But as a one-use command trait it won’t be liked by many players. As I like randomness (see my Squig Armies!) I probably wouldn’t take this, but it definitely has value.


Internal Conduit

If your general is on the board at the start of the hero phase, roll a dice. 2-5 – gain a contagion point; 6 – gain D3 contagion points.

This will enable a turn 1 summoning, and boost a bit of summoning, but the output is low. I couldn’t find out if this was your hero phase only, so if it’s all hero phases it would twice as valuable! Assuming you can keep your general alive.

Living Plague

At the start of the Hero Phase roll a dice for each unit within 7″; on a 2+ they get a disease point and you gain a contagion point.

This feels better than internal conduit, assuming it works on your own troops… lots more disease markers though!

Avalanche of Rotten Flesh

When the General charges you roll a number of dice equal to the charge roll, for each 6 they suffer a mortal wound and also get that many disease tokens

A few bonus mortal wounds, but you’re likely getting disease tokens from the corresponding combat (or destroying the enemy), so its value is slightly reduced here.

Bloated and Corrupted

If the general rolls a 6 on their disgustingly resilient you can give an enemy unit within 3″ a disease token

Having your general in the middle of the enemy may seem risky, and isn’t something I often do. As such I’m not sure I would ever take this ability.

Overpowering Stench

Enemy units within 7″ of this general cannot issue commands and enemy units wholly within 7″ cannot receive commands

This is my favourite of the bunch. Commands are used extensively in the game, and preventing these – particularly in combat or for Inspiring Presence – can make a big difference.


Daemon Command Abilities – Avatars of Corruption

Gift of the Febrile Frenzy

Once per battle at the start of combat phase, give all Nurgle daemons wholly within 7″ + 1 attack

Great if you’ve got smaller units of plaguebearers, or some Great Unclean Ones, but limiting to once per battle seems a bit mean

Nurgling Infestation

Subtract 1 from hit rolls that target the bearer and nurglings wholly within 7″ get +1 to hit.

-1 to hit your general – especially Great Unclean Ones – is going to be great, and a little bonus for Nurglings… and as everyone knows Nurglings are the best small gitz you can get since Snotlings disappeared.

Pestilent Breath

Pick an enemy unit within 7″ and roll a number of dice equal to the number of models within 7″. For each 5+ do a mortal wound.

Whilst we fight in Ghur and with horde armies being near the bottom of the meta the value of this is probably low… but who knows what will happen when we leave Ghur. Keep this in your mind if your local meta has large units.


Not a bad set of command traits, but nothing to set the world alight. If I was taking a general it would likely be a Great Unclean One with Nurgling Infestation… if nothing more than an excuse to get some Nurglings!

Join us tomorrow for Day 5 of Nurgle!

— Declan

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