Writing a Sci-Fi Table-Top Wargame – Part 3

So following on from our voting last week, it would appear that we’re making the game in grand tactical scale (10mm or smaller miniatures) and it will encompass all combat theatres from Land to air and beyond.

I personally find this an exciting proposition as it has the potential to create thematic campaigns and narrative driven stories aplenty!

However before we get into any nitty-gritty rules writing there are still a number of issues we need to clarify.


Measuring is a bigger deal than you may think, with our friends over the pond preferring inches and those closer to home often preferring centimetres.

But, they’re no the only options. After all you could also have a hex based map where movement and ranges are set by a number of hexes. Or you could have measurement set by a set ‘constructed’ value such as base widths.

Game Length

The next question is how long do we want a game to take? Under an hour, up to two, an afternoon?

This decision is key as this will dictate how detailed the rules will be in the long term.

Therefore, considering this here are our next two votes!

Remember to check by next week for the results and the next step of our project.

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  1. Have you seen John Lambshead and Rick Priestley’s ‘Tabletop Wargames: A Writers’ and Designers’ Guide’?

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