Warhammer 40,000: Imperium – Issue #2

I thought I’d share my progress following last week’s article before reviewing the next issue.

I have managed to complete the Royal Warden using a very simple colour scheme which should mean I can get through the Necrons quickly enough.

Eknothet Xopcan, the Gleeful Eradicator and Oppressor of the Weak.

I decided to use the ‘fluff builder’ inside the magazine to give the Royal Warden some personality. Therefore after some dice rolling on the following tables in the image, his name was determined to be Eknothet Xopcan, the Gleeful Eradicator and Oppressor of the Weak. However it appears Eknothet is envious of those who still possess flesh and so collects gruesome trophies from his foes. He also carries his Relic Gauss Blaster Verminscourge into battle at every opportunity.

The fluff builder

The Primaris Lieutenant on the other hand is probably around 80% complete as I’ve found I was missing a couple of key paints. But they’re on order so he should be finished this coming week.

No fluff for this guy yet, however any fluff given to him will be of my own making and not from the magazine, as my Void Dragons are a distinctly Anglo-Saxon vibe to them ,(think Alfred the Great etc).

Issue 2

So on to this week’s issue. You’re given three Necron Warriors and some Runelord Brass paint.

I quickly set about building the Necrons and giving them a few base coats to keep up my progress.

But, again these fellows aren’t quite finished yet.

The magazine this week goes into a little more detail about the Ultramarines and the Szarekhan Dynasty, allowing those newer players to develop their knowledge of the background of 40k and the two factions that they’ll be collecting.

On top of this you’re also given some background into the warzone that the combat is taking place.

You’re also given your first painting instructions if you’re following the magazine. It’s fairly simple this week, but will become more complex as the model collection gets larger and more paints are acquired.

Overall, I’m enjoying this a lot more than I though I would be and it is great value for money compared to buying the models and paints separately.

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