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News – Horus Heresy Pre-Orders

It’s finally arrived the first (real) starter set for Horus Heresy, set in the 31st Millennium and featuring Space Marines against Space Marines before too many of them succumb to the changes wrought by Chaos.

If you’ve been living under a rock these last few weeks, or somehow managed to miss the Warhammer Community Articles this is the contents of the box:

Horus Heresy Starter Box – Games Workshop

The great thing about this starter set is that – although the models are painted as two opposing armies – you can paint them all as one with the addition of some transfers or, if you are feeling patient, some moulded shoulder pads which are surely on the way.

I’m of the age to remember RTB001 and the original Beakies. In fact the only complete Space Marine army I have (that is one that has been to a tournament), is a Blood Angel with most of the models from RTB001… so I am *that* old!

Whilst I don’t know anyone locally who plays, my weekly painting group do play and we’re meeting up in October so I hope to have a small force painted by then so I can give them a game or two.

That means this set hits the nostalgia button right in the middle and so I have ordered a copy through Sarah at SCN Hobby, and hope to pick it up on my way to Nottingham on the weekend of release!.

At £180- less your FLGS’s discount I think this is a great set. I am also picking up a Heavy Weapons set to go with it, and also picked some ‘Seriously Red’ spray from TT Combat which seems to be a reasonable base for the Blood Angels – perhaps with some Nuln Oil for the recesses.

TT Combat colours – picked up at UK Games Expo!

I plan to treat these as a separate Wargamer’s pledge much like the Warlord Napoleonics I have, and only get more once I’ve painted the starter!

I may need to pick up some transfers direct from GW as well, just to help finish off the army… (and so it starts)!

— Declan