Warhammer 40k Battleforce Boxes 2023 – How much and whats in them?

Battleforce boxes are back after their success in 2020, 2021 & 2022. These are a fantastic way to get into a new army or even add to an existing one, but whats inside them and how many points of miniatures do you get?

Well Warhammer Community have announced that they are coming back for 2023!

(If you’re looking for the 2023 – Age of Sigmar – it is on it’s here!!)

Prices in 2022 were around £130 each so hopefully they haven’t increased much – we’ll let you know as soon as we have the RRP! In the meantime I thought our readers would like to know the value of the toys… so see below against each box:

Battleforce BoxsetCostRRP
Votann – Defenders of the Ancestors£237.50£140.00 (Est)
Orks – Beast Snagga Stampede£220.00£140.00 (Est)
Astra Militarum – Cadian Defence Force£207.50£140.00 (Est)
Space Marines – Spearhead Force£197.50£140.00 (Est)
Tyranids – Onslaught Swarm£200.00£140.00 (Est)
World Eaters – Exalted of the Red Angel£215.00£140.00 (Est)

There’s a range of value in each box with the starter set armies (Space Marines & Tyranids) having the lowest value… but who doesn’t love big guys with wings / jump packs! With their own Primarch leading their box it is no surprise that the World Eaters box has the most points in it.

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So what do you get inside and how much would it cost you normally? All of the points have been given for the basic unit options and include no upgrades, but you can make changes with the way some models are built.

Leagues of Votann – Defenders of the Ancestors

Warhammer Community / Games Workshop
10 Einhyr Hearthguard300£75.00
Einhyr Champion60£25.00
Hekaton Land Fortress225£70.00
Grimnyr Living Ancestor65£27.50
Sagitaur ATV100£40.00

Orks – Beast Snagga Stampede

Warhammer Community / Games Workshop
Mozrog Skragbad195£35.00
3 Squighog Boyz110£40.00
Nob on Smasha Squig60inc above
Painboss Medic60£25.00
10 Beast Snagga Boyz105£35.00
Psyker-Strapped Kill Rig200£85.00

Astra Militarum – Cadian Defence Force

Warhammer Community / Games Workshop
20 Cadian Shock Troops120£60.00
5 Cadian Command Squad65£27.50
2 Rogal Dorn Tanks520£120.00

Space Marines – Spearhead Force

Warhammer Community / Games Workshop
15 Jump Pack Intercessors255£105.00
Captain with Jump Pack85£25.00
3 Outriders95£37.50
Invader ATV70£30.00

Tyranids – Onslaught Swarm

Warhammer Community / Games Workshop
Norn Emissary290£70.00
Winged Hive Tyrant210£37.50
20 Hormagaunts130£60.00
10 Genestealers170£32.50
2 Ripper Swarms40inc. above

World Eaters – Exalted of the Red Angel

Angron, Primarch of Khorne415£100.00
10 Khorne Beserkers200£40.00
6 Exalted Eightbound300£75.00

So what do you think good value or not? Will you be picking up a set?

— Declan & Eeyore

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