Warhammer AoS Battleforce Boxes 2023 – How much and whats in them?

Battleforce boxes had success in 2020, 2021 & 2022. These are a fantastic way to get into a new army or even add to an existing one, but whats inside them and how many points of miniatures do you get?

Well Warhammer Community have announced that they are coming back for 2023!

If you’re looking for the Warhammer 40k 2023 article it’s here

Prices are not yet confirmed, but last year they were £130 so hopefully inflation won’t hit us too hard – we are estimating they will be £140 (Edit – Declan – these came in at £135 each so we’ve slightly adjusted the figures below). In the meantime I thought our readers would like to know the value of the toys… so see below against each box:

Battleforce BoxsetCostRRP
Seraphon – Primordial Starhost£202.50£135
Ossiarch Bonereapers – Praetorian Spearhead£230.00£135
Slaves to Darkness – Warhorde of Eternus£192.50£135
Soulblight Gravelords – Vengorian Court£192.50£135

There are significantly fewer than last year (4 vs 7), but hopefully there is something there for you. Three of the boxes are around the £200 mark, with Bonereapers being a much bigger saving at £230 retail for the individual models. I wonder if the price of the Bonereapers Battleforce will be above our estimate?

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So what do you get inside and how much would it cost you normally? I’ve also included the points for the troops as sold, but you can make small changes with the way some of the models are built.

Seraphon – Primordial Starhost

Warhammer Community / Games Workshop
Slaan Starmaster290£52.50
10 Saurus Warriors180£37.50
3 Kroxigor160£37.50
3 Aggradon Lancers190£37.50
Hunters of Huanchi (Warcry)210£37.50

Ossiarch Bonereapers – Praetorian Spearhead

Warhammer Community / Games Workshop
Arch-Kavalos Zandtos190£35.00
5 Kavalos Deathriders190£37.50
20 Mortek Guard260£37.50
Gothizzar Harvester160£35.00
4 Morghast Archai440£85.00

Slaves to Darkness – Warhorde of Eternus

Warhammer Community / Games Workshop
Eternus, Blade of the First Prince180£37.50
3 Ogroid Theridons150£40.00
5 Chaos Knights220£40.00
5 Chaos Chosen230£37.50
10 Chaos Warriors180£37.50

Soulblight Gravelords – Vengorian Court

Warhammer Community / Games Workshop
Vengorian Lord300£42.50
5 Blood Knights230£42.50
20 Deathrattle Skeletons220£37.50
10 Dire Wolves150£35.00
3 Fell Bats90£35.00

So what do you think good value or not? Will you be picking up a set?

— Declan & Eeyore

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