Tacticus Tuesdays – Raiding

A mobile game based on Warhammer 40k

We are continuing our look at Warhammer 40k Tacticus, a turn based strategy game that I’ve been recently playing on mobile.

You can check out our Introduction, Character, Resources & Campaign Battles articles from previous Tacticus Tuesdays. There’s also a ‘live unboxing’ of my recent 10 Requisition Drop. This week I’ll look at Raiding – a quick way to get stuff, without fighting the full Campaign Battle.


If you’re short on time, but still need upgrades or character shards you don’t need to fight a full campaign battle, you can instead raid it.

Raiding gives you the same chance of getting the nice thing from a campaign battle, and will nab you some gold. But, beware, because you won’t be fighting the battle, it’ll be no help to most of the missions that you’ll be trying to work towards.

However, the daily task mission does include a requirement to raid twice, so you’ll likely be doing this soon and regularly.

Where to find Raiding (method 1)

The easiest way to get to Raiding is to go to the campaign battle you want to Raid! (That’s in the battle section on the bottom ribbon – see Campaign article if you need a screenshot for that).

Click on the Battle you want to raid.

Note: You can only raid a campaign battle if you have got 3 medals on it already – if you haven’t yet achieved this you’ll need to do a full campaign battle or pick another battle to raid.

Get Raiding!

You will (naturally) see the same screen as for Campaign battles, but to raid you’ll need to press the blue button.

Be careful though Raiding costs the same amount of energy as Campaign Battles and 1 Raid Ticket – I’ve never come close to running low of these, but it is possible you will if you do a lot of raiding and not a lot of chest opening. That said it’s unlikely, so treat them like they’re unlimited if you have time to raid, but not to do a full Campaign battle.


As soon as you press the button, you get a results screen which shows the coins awarded and any other upgrades or shards. In this case I’ve not got the shard I was looking for – oh well!

Result – Again!

But raiding is all about speed (just ask the Drukhari). So you can click the ‘Raid Again!’ button to immediately raid the same campaign battle. There is a limit of how many times you can do this (10 for most battles) and once that limit has been reached you will see a clock which will tell you when that battle will be available again.

This also counts towards your campaign battle limit but don’t worry; it’s only for this particular battle so you’ll never run out of places to raid before running out of energy.

Good news – I got the shard I wanted on the 9th raid!

Where to find Raiding (method 2)

The other method you can use to find a battle to raid, is by clicking on a character’s upgrade that is greyed out (insufficient upgrades in stock). This takes you to a screen (see above) that shows what you need to upgrade the equipment.

I want the right hand upgrade first, so click on that and…

You will be able to see how to get the upgrade. We will use the first option for now, so click ‘Find’. When I write an article on Guilds we’ll look at the second button.

As you progress in the Campaign battles and achieve 3 medals on missions, they will appear in this list if the upgrade you need is available in the campaign battle. In the case above, I’ve already achieved 3 medals on mission 37 of the Indomitus campaign so ‘Go!’ button is available and in green.

(You may notice the 10 in laurel leaf above the number – this is the number of times remaining I can raid or Campaign Battle this battle today.)

Ready to Raid Again


You now know how to raid – have fun and grab some shards and upgrades to improve the stats of your characters.

Woehammer Articles

I’ll be bringing you regular articles on the game as I progress and learn more; with the first articles being about some of the concepts of the game including the large number of resources available. I hope you’ll join me; and let us know if there’s anything in particular you would like me to cover.

Linking up

If you think this game may interest you, follow along this series of articles. I have been playing for a while already so some of it will based on what I know from further down the process. Woehammer isn’t receiving any sponsorship for this article (it’s just Declan and Eeyore – and Peter – having fun), but if you want to support me on my Tacticus exploration then please use my referral code: LIT-20-RAP

Thank you to the 5 players who have used the referral code already. (cwoac, Lejoptic, Mrmorph, PajamaSam & Sergei!) It’s great fun to get occasional updates on your progress and thanks for the Blackstone.

See you all next week!

— Declan and Eeyore

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