Tacticus Tuesdays – 10 Requisition Drops

A mobile game based on Warhammer 40k

We are continuing our look at Warhammer 40k Tacticus, a turn based strategy game that I’ve been recently playing on mobile.

You can check out our Introduction, Character & Resources articles from previous Tacticus Tuesdays. Last week on the Resources article I mentioned that Requisition Orders are one of the most expensive and rare resources in the game and that 10 of them guarantees a character… as luck would have it I now have 10 Requisition Orders, so I thought I’d open them ‘live’ on this article.

Requsition Drops

When you spend Requisition Orders you ‘buy’ Requisition drops which have a random thing inside (common to many aspects of Tacticus. You don’t know what you will get but the odds are available.

  • 10% Character
  • 20% 5 Shards for one character
  • 24% 10 Shards for one character
  • 5% 40 Shards for one character
  • 0.5% 80 shared for one character
  • 10% 5-6 Uncommon Orbs
  • 10% 4-5 Rate Orbs
  • 10% 3-4 Epic Orbs
  • 10% 2-3 Legendary Orbs

Spending 10 Drops in one go guarantees a character (although not necessarily a new one)

Live Opening of Requisition Drops

You’ve all seen the videos on YouTube of opening random boxes, or Magic cards, or similar… well we’re going to do it in text! Because some things are better in writing. Will it work? Well – we shall see.

Drop 1

5 x Uncommon Chaos Orbs – you’ll need to trust me on this one – I wasn’t quick enough on the screenshot on my phone (see – always professional)! I’ve already got loads of these (this takes me to 54) so not an ideal start!

Drop 2

Drop 2 – with working Screenshot!

This is much better. Whilst I have 18 of them now, these will definitely be needed in the future for ascending characters.

Drop 3

20 Shards for Haarken Worldclaimer. I’m not sure how I got 20 of them given the published odds, but happy to get more for this Chaos lad. I already have him, so this will help his promotion prospects.

Drop 4

Another weak Drop here. 5 x Bellator Shards. But I can raid for 3 of them a day (approx 9 raids needed), and he was previously at 0 having had a recent promotion. I’ll not be using these for a while unfortunately.

Drop 5

10 x Imospekh Shards. Whilst this may seem a little weak as well I use Imospekh a lot so it’s great to get him closer to a promotion. Happy with this!

Drop 6

5 Darkstrider Shards. Not brilliant as it only takes me to 13 of these, but when I do get him he’ll be a good rarity so it’ll prove useful (in about a year!!)

Drop 7

My third 5x Shards this time for Snotflogga. That’s a little disappointing as I would expect only 3 based on the displayed odds. However I am enjoying the Orks and getting closer to a promotion is bound to be useful in the future.

Drop 8

10 Shards for Ulf is handy as there isn’t a way to consistently get these. There is a new Space Wolf event on the horizon though so maybe that’ll help. Again not sure when this will be useful but it’s good to get them – and I like him for completing Melee battle tactics.

Drop 9

My ninth Drop is more shards – this time for an AStra Militarum Bullgryn (Kut Skoden). Whilst I don’t have him yet this 10 makes it very tempting to play the mission with his shards a little more. When I was 26 away it felt like a long haul. 16 is much more manageable.

With no character yet, I knew I would get one in Drop 10… but which one?

Drop 10

There’s good news and bad news here. Unfortunately I already have unlocked Imospekh so I get his shards. As a common character at unlock this means 40 shards. A little weak. However as stated above I really like to use him in my games and this also allowed me to promote him, and get close to another promotion – so all in I’m happy again


Overall a little weak but the shards for Imospekh will prove useful so I’m happy with the set. I would always prefer a new character but the odds are getting lower now as I unlock more characters so I’m looking for orbs mostly. Having only picked up 1 set that will be useful is a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I’ll get better luck next time.

Woehammer Articles

I’ll be bringing you regular articles on the game as I progress and learn more; with the first articles being about some of the concepts of the game including the large number of resources available. I hope you’ll join me; and let us know if there’s anything in particular you would like me to cover.

Let me know what you think of this reveal article… I may repeat it the next time I’ve got 10 Requisition Orders to see if I can be more lucky next time. In the mean time, if you are playing Tacticus good luck and see you next week.

Linking up

If you think this game may interest you, follow along this series of articles. I have been playing for a while already so some of it will based on what I know from further down the process. Woehammer isn’t receiving any sponsorship for this article (it’s just Declan and Eeyore – and Peter – having fun), but if you want to support me on my Tacticus exploration then please use my referral code: LIT-20-RAP

Thank you to the 2 players who have used the referral code already. It’s great fun to get occasional updates on your progress and thanks for the Blackstone.

See you all next week!

— Declan and Eeyore

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