A Thought About Army Points and Committing Your Units in AoS

I’m currently in the early stages of developing a series of articles that do deep dives on individual warscrolls, in a very similar vein to some I did last year, but with more detail.

While doing some of the mathhammer behind these warscrolls I began to develop a couple of terms that I wanted to explain in detail.

Army Points Required (APR)

No, not that APR….

In this case we’re talking about the amount of points you would need to spend in the list creation stage to give yourself the ability to pull off certain synergies during the game.

For example, you may be wanting to create a Kruleboyz army which focusses on buffing the Venom-Encrusted Weapon ability of your Man-Skewers and Gutrippaz units. You’ve made the decision that you want two reinforced units of Skewers being buffed by a couple of Shamans so that instead of causing mortals on 6+ they cause them on 5+. For this the army points required would be:

  • Reinforced Man-Skewer unit (240)
  • Reinforced Man-Skewer unit (240)
  • Swampcalla Shaman (100)
  • Swampcalla Shaman (100)

That’s a total of 680 points you’re including in your list to pull of those synergies. This 680 points would be referred to as Army Points Required (APC)

Army Points Committed (APC)

No, not that APC…

There’s a limit of five turns in Age of Sigmar, where each turn your units may be doing different tasks. You may want your Shaman to buff some Man-Skewers with its poison ability to fire on some Endrinriggers in turn one . But turn two you may want that poison on your Gurippaz instead when they charge some Arkonauts?

Here’s where the difference comes in, each turn you’re committing a fifth of that units points value (Five turns in AoS) to completing its individual goal, in this case buffing either the Gutrippaz or the Skewers. In turn those units are committing their points value in carrying out their own goal.


Turn 1, you decide you’ll use the Shaman’s Poison ability to give the Man-Skewers the chance to cause mortal wounds on 5+ instead of 6+. By doing so, you’re committing 20 points of your Shaman to do so (100/5 =20). The Man-Skewers fire at the Endrinriggers, in turn committing their points to do so (120/5=24). A total of 44 points have then been committed to destroying those 3 Endrinriggers worth 120 APR. You’re lucky and pluck 2 out of the air. That’s 80 points of Endrinriggers destroyed for a commitment of 44 points, not bad!

Turn 2, and you decide instead of buffing the Man-Skewers again. You’ll buff the Gutrippaz who’re going to charge some reinforced Arkonauts. So again, you’re committing a fifth of your shaman to the task (20 points) and a fifth of the Gutippaz points cost (150/5=30 points). Your APC is therefore going to be 50 points to try and whittle down the 200-point Arkonaut unit. You manage to kill a perfectly average 8 Arkonauts. You’ve removed 80 points by committing 50. It was not as good a trade as the Skewers earlier, but it was still positive.

Think Moneyball….

3 thoughts on “A Thought About Army Points and Committing Your Units in AoS”

  1. Well in the second scenario, if you only count the points commited imho it is misleading to compare that to the total point value of the units destroyed.
    Those enemies you killed did something already in turn 1, maybe also in turn two. So you kinda only killed 4/5 or 3/5 worth of those models points.
    Imho the idea of points commited is nice but the value of killing something round 1 is way higher than killing it round 5 so the same distribution over turns should be applied for damage achieved in order to judge whether it is net positive.

  2. This artical was intresting, but i don t get why you don t consider the value of gutrippaz stay engaged in combat with a range unit, that makes them really in a bad spot because you can still shoot them with boltboyz but they cannot choose who they want to shoot

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