Player Rankings (W/Ending 8th January 2023)

These are the player rankings calculated by us at Woehammer using the method described previously. We think this method levels the playing field between those playing factions with a high win-rate and those playing with a low win-rate. Almost like a handicap system in Golf or similar sports.

Calculation Summary

Points are awarded to each player for a win or a draw. Points are calculated for each faction. To calculate a factions win score is a fairly simple process:

Take their current win rate as shown in our weekly AoS Meta article and times this by 5:

e.g. Lumineth Realm-Lords: 51.02% x 5 = 2.6

This is the expected number of wins that faction should achieve in a 5 game GT. Next divide 100 by this value to give a score for each win.

e.g. Lumineth Realm-Lords 100/2.6 = 39.2 per win.

When a player has finished their tournament multiply their result (draws are counted as 0.5) by the score.

e.g. a Lumineth player achieves 2 wins and a draw; 2.5 x 39.2 = 98 points

Current Rankings

The best four results as a total make up a player’s score.







My Database

Below is the file for all of the data we hold at Woehammer in regard to GT’s. This has everything from tournament results to player ranking calculations.

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