AoS Meta Stats W/Ending 8th January 2023

Faction Win Rates

We’ve probably only got a couple more weeks of stats to do for this Handbook before the next one gets released and the tournament scene starts in earnest once more.

The second part of this season has been sorter than the first, with a few of the factions still not meeting our requisite 20 players to have their stats published. Although like I said earlier, there’s still a couple more weeks….

Those factions that have not yet had 20 players:

  • Legion of the First Prince (5 Players)
  • Bonesplitterz (7 Players)
  • Big Waaagh! (10 Players)
  • Hedonites of Slaanesh (15 Players)
  • Ossiarch Bonereapers (18 Players)

Win Rates

There’s been a few big results for Beasts of Chaos players this week, this has seen their win rate increase from 59.26% up to 62.07%. This means the margin between the top and bottom factions has grown to 26.57% (62.07% – 35.50%).

As a result this has shown that perhaps the external balance hasn’t been as great in the second half of the season as the first:

General’s Handbook Season 1: Differential 23.41% (BoC 60.82% – GG 37.41%)
Galetian Reinforcements: Differential 26.57% (BoC 62.07% – GG 35.50%)

Either way you look at this, it has definitely been Beasts of Chaos‘ Handbook!

Player Results by Wins

This graph has at least two purposes. Firstly it shows the faction popularity by the number of players and secondly it breaks down those players results in terms of the number of wins they achieve.

As always the entry army Stormcast Eternals, proves to be the most popular faction, leading Sylvaneth and a newly revitalised Ogor Mawtribes.

Players Achieving 5-0 Wins

Although Beasts of Chaos have the highest win rate, this has not translated into the number of 5-0 results. Ogor Mawtribes and Disciples of Tzeentch are joint top here, with 5 a piece.

Win Chance

This shows the chance each faction has of achieving 5-0. This is calculated using the number of players that go 5-0 against the full number of players using that faction.

Like above, this show the chance of getting 4 or more wins (including 5-0).

And finally the chance of going 3+ wins (including 5-0 and 4+).

AOS Hall of Fame

Below is a list of all the players who first achieved a 5-0 with a faction (At a Singles Event). The list is completed in date order (earliest first).

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