Woehammer’s 1st Birthday – Declan!

It’s been a roller-coaster of a year for me and Woehammer, and we’ve decided to look back at the highs, the lows, and perhaps a glance at the next year. Peter will of course be leading the celebrations, but I wanted to bring in my own thoughts as well.

Where It Started

Last year, as COVID restrictions were being lifted across the UK, Peter invited me to do an article or two for Woehammer. I was just looking at getting back into the Age of Sigmar tournament scene which had woken up from its enforced hibernation, and welcomed the chance to throw down a few words and thoughts! Who knew that the readers of the blog would want to listen to them.

The Start of the Journey

My first set of articles were about my beloved Gloomspite Gitz. With a new edition just released I had to give them a go and see if I could make them work. From the title, you may be able to guess the outcome of my first one-dayer at the Honest Wargamer‘s location in Nottingham.

That’s a Rippa!

My first article that really took off was a review of Rippa’s Snarlfangs warscroll. These little Grots were making their way into loads of my armies – mostly Ironjawz at that point – and they were a great little addition. So I decided to let you all know.

It was great to chat in real life at tournaments about them, and seeing them appear in people’s Destruction lists in the UK. It’s a sporadic series, that I could do with doing more often, but the warscroll reviews are always popular articles.

A 5-0 for the site!

At the beginning of the year I set myself some Hobby Goals, one of which was to get two 4-1 results during the year. Well I smashed it out of the park with a 5-0 at Dazmaul in March. I had been on an amazing run with my Big Waaagh and a Wurgogg who wouldn’t stop killing enemies, and refused to die. It was definitely a highlight for me, and it was great to be able to share it with the community.

Not Just Age of Sigmar

As Peter and I have been wargaming for a long time, we don’t of course only play Age of Sigmar, and I play as much Warmaster as I can – though not enough for my liking! Fortunately, Iain Standing has produced some great videos over on the YouTube to explain the game and get new people back into the Hobby!

Books, Books, Books!

The great thing about Woehammer is that Peter will let me post whatever I want! He’s even given my admin access in an attack of carelessness… so I’ve done articles that I would like to read. And as a reader this is book reviews! There’s already a good selection and most of the Siege of Terra – so go searching and hopefully you’ll find your next Warhammer read.

What about Year 2

Well, there’ll be fewer tournament reviews from me, as I’ve spent a few too many weekends away from home and have a got a new job that involves travelling each day. So, with fewer tournaments what can our readers expect? Well more Hobby, and more armchair analysis! I intend to keep posting and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it.

Thanks for being with us throughout the year! Happy Woehammer anniversary.

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