AoS Grand Alliance Stats – May

We have previously produced stats back in January and February, but have not done these for a little while. This was mainly because of the amount of work needed to keep up with all the one and two day events. On top of this, I wasn’t overly happy with the presentation standard.

I’ve since regrouped and worked on a way of producing these that is less time heavy and in a way that’s appealing. Going forwards (and possibly backwards over missed months), I will only produce stats that we have written a Top Three Lists article on. This saves me trawling through Best Coast Pairing and for every event with more than 10 players! As we’re hoping to cover all GT’s going forward we should still have a reasonable snap shot of the meta for that month

That all being said, I’m starting this month’s stats with the win rate for the various Grand Alliance’s. This is the combined win rate of all that Alliance’s battletomes:

There are a few other stats included above as well. For example the number of armies from each GA and what that represents as a percentage of the total field for the month. We also have included how many battletomes each Alliance has, how many 5/0/0 results they’ve claimed, how many results with 4 wins or more and how many results where an army fought an entire GT without a win.

Player Distribution among Alliances

Firstly, with representation we have 25 Battletomes (Inc Bel’akor) across 4 Grand Alliance’s. So in theory, for an even mix of armies each Battletome should have a representative figure of 4.16% or 22 armies per Battletome (550 Armies / 24 Battletomes).

Grand AllianceBattletomesArmies per Battletome
Order 926
Chaos7 +Bel’akor17

In an ideal world the Battletomes would have a fair split of the armies. However, here we can see that Order and Destruction have more players than you would expect while both Death and Chaos have less.

5 Wins

There have been a total of 18 results where players have gone to claim 5 wins over a tournament. In theory each army should have an equal chance of achieving this. Meaning based on the actual number of armies each faction was represented by you would expect:

Grand AllianceSplit of 5-0’s based on # of ArmiesActual # of 5-0 Wins

This shows it’s probably easiest to get that elusive 5-0 with a Chaos faction than it is any other. While, trying to achieve this with Death or Destruction is difficult.

4+ Wins

Likewise there were a total of 93 results where players claimed 4 wins or more over the weekend. Using the same math based on how many armies represented each Alliance:

Grand AllianceSplit of 4+ Wins based on army distributionActual 4+ Wins

Surprisingly this shows that each Grand Alliance is roughly meeting it’s quota on 4+ wins based on the number of armies they had present. This initially suggests that each faction has an equal chance of getting 4+ wins.

But we’d need to look at the factions individually to check whether this is the case…

…which funnily enough, we’ll be doing tomorrow!

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