Introduction: Danny ‘Dananigan’ Wadeson

Hello reader, I’m Danny – a passionate, competitive AoS and occasional Kill Team player – my ‘other job’ is being an AAA videogame narrative designer.

I’m hopping onto the Woe-Wagon (Woegan?) to help pump out some words on things like Black Library releases, Top 3 list analysis, and Tome reviews/army updates.

I got into Warhammer as a kid – in those pre-teen years that blur into one long summer and one long memory of being desperate to get home from school. The gateway drug was that legendary 5th edition Fantasy Battles boxed set with Lizardmen and Bretonnians, and I have fond (hazy) memories of only ever playing my mate Joe’s Skaven on the carpet.

This image contains 100% proof nostalgia.

As I got a little older, that all went into storage. Until, that is, I started working with a guy who had also pulled out his childhood bitzbox to start painting again – and we convinced each other to whip up a small 40k army each to dive deep into nostalgia. I’d loved but never owned Chaos Marines as a kid, so with the benefits of age (more grey hair and disposable income) I took the plunge and splurged on some Nurgle.

Fast forward through moving house from Cambridge to near Bristol where there’s a massive warhammer scene, and I found myself with Necrons, Blood Angels, Death Guard and a cheeky Drukhari army (before they were cool…just!) The lure of AoS had started to call to me too – so I dug out those old Lizardmen, had a good chortle at their square bases and froggy-ass sculpts, stripped them down, bought a pack of greenstuff, and went to work renovating them into Seraphon!

Shortly after that, I found the 40k meta was wearing me out, and after my first tournament with Drukhari (I beat Emperor’s Children, Thousand Sons and then lost to Dread Knight spam, just after the new GK book) which was full of feelsbad moments, awful terrain and drama, I decided to trade in my Codexes, FAQs and Secondaries for a one way ticket to the Mortal Realms.

Since then, I’ve gotten involved with a fast growing Bristol club called Sigmar’s Pilgrims, and expanded the roster to Big Waagh, Soulblight Gravelords, Sylvaneth and DoK – and of course, like everyone, I somehow seem to keep accidentally accruing Stormcast bits such that I’ve now got half an army of the blighters.

Looking forward to delivering some luke-warm tactical takes and Sylvaneth propaganda to you all in the near future!

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