Krondspine Incarnate – A First Look at the Rules

So we’ve had a little more information on the Krondspine Incarnate today from Warhammer Community.

EDIT: Plastic Craic has now managed to get hold of all the rules. For a complete rundown visit Plastic Craic.


First off are its attacks, and it has quite a few. All at rend -2 or -3! The Krondspine works in a series of power levels rather then wounds. With each type of attack receiving a number of additional attacks equal to its level.

The model starts at level 2 and so will get 8 Vicious Claws attacks and 3 Tearing Fangs attacks. If you’re rolling REALLY well that will mean you can potentially dish out 28 wounds. However, that’s very unlikely, so let’s take the averages….

Attack# of AttacksSuccessful HitsSuccessful WoundsDamage Pre-Save Roll
Vicious Claws85.33.66-8
Tearing Fangs32.01.74-8
Based on Average Dice Rolls at Level 2

Note, that if it destroys an Endless Spell or devours a MONSTER, then it will gain a level and an additional attack for each attack type (it’s maximum level is 3). Most Monsters have between 12-18 wounds, so they’d need to be softened up first to guarantee the Throndspike making the kill and gaining the power level, but you’re probably only talking 3-4 wounds.

What about Killing it?

Yup, it has no wounds only power levels. Once it gets reduced to Power Level 0 it is removed from play, however what’s not clear is how easy it is to reduce its power level. There’s no mention of a save anywhere, but I suspect that each increase in power level brings an increase in its save value judging by this line on Warhammer Community:

The better they’re doing, the more lethal they become – and the harder they are to kill.

– Warhammer Community

The Krondspine will feed on Endless Spells as well, and for each one it consumes it will gain a power level. However, that’s not a guarantee!

Don’t get me wrong, on average the controlling player will be rolling a 9 (Level 2) which will consume most endless spells. However, if it does fail that roll then it will drop a level.

The best bet may be to kill the bonded character, at which point the Krondspine is reduced to its Wildform where it will attack the nearest unit (enemy or friendly) or Endless Spell within 12″. This could mean if you kill the bonded character early doors, the Krondspine could run rampant in its own lines.

As has been mentioned on our new Discord Server though, you could link it to a cheap as chips Savage Orruk Boss and just send them hell for leather up the table…


There’s a lot here, but we need more info yet. What’s its save, and exactly how much damage is needed to reduce its level? Does it reduce only one level per turn regardless of the damage inflicted on it? If this is the case, then things that cause a mass of mortal wounds are going to be pretty ineffective against it (looking at you Wurgog).

More importantly, what’s its value in points?


At the moment it looks like you need to buy the Battlescape Box in order to get the model as there’s been no official confirmation that the Krondspine will be sold separately.

Of course there are other options you could use…

4 thoughts on “Krondspine Incarnate – A First Look at the Rules”

  1. Not too many armies out there relying on persistent endless spells at the moment, which limits it a little. Meta could change though.

    1. Very true, but I do think this is the kind of high damage beast that units like Gotrek and Wurgoh can’t deal with. Meaning lower armies may get a benefit from it.

      1. You may be right, though you don’t tend to see Gotrek so much now. My main concern would be many of the higher tier factions are going to shoot your hero off pdq. We will have to see!

      2. Oh yeah, the bonded hero will be a target for sure. After all if you can cause Krondspine to go postal in his own lines, why wouldn’t you?

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