Playing with LEDs

Yesterday I came across a post on Twitter that I just had to share with you all.

Absolutely stunning! Chris then directed me to his website where he has lots of tutorials on how to convert miniatures with LEDs.

One of my favourites is his guide on how to create candles for Nighthaunt miniatures.

Chris’ Dreadwarden

I urge you all to go take a look at his work, it’s stunning.

Solo Wargaming for your Favourite Games

I’m in the process of creating a series of Wargaming Aids which allow players to play their favourite games in a single player format against an AI controlled enemy army. To find out more on this click here.

For as little as £1 a month (the price of a chocolate bar) you can help support me in this endeavour and receive cool perks as a thank you, such as access to our Discord Server as well as downloadable copies of the gaming aids which you can print out and use at home.

Why not pop over to Patreon and sign up and help me in this project? Money raised will go towards making these as physical products.

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