Warhammer 40,000: Imperium – Issue 6

Firstly, it’s been a decent week for me and getting things painted up. The Primaris Lieutenant (issue 1) and the Necron Warriors (issue 2) are now finished. Work has started on the Primaris Assault Intercessors.

Void Dragon 1st Company Lieutenant Osfirth
The Necron Warriors

This week we’re given three Primaris Aggressors which again is fantastic value, with three of these costing £20+ on the games workshop website we’re getting these for £9!

Granted they’re only equipped with flamers rather than bolters, but even so!

This week’s edition goes into more detail about the Necron nobles such as the Royal Warden (issue 1) or the Necron Overlord (issue 7).

Once more we’re given my favourite fluff builder for the Aggressors as well as the painting and build guide for them. This issue probably includes the most used paint as well in the form of Abaddon Black.

As I have now got both the Royal Warden and the Lieutenant painted up and finished, I thought it would be fun to play through the first scenario given in issue 1. Please bear in mind that this first mission is just teaching you the basic movement and ballistic skill mechanic. There is no hand to hand combat.

Halt the Awakening – Mission 1

The Void Dragons

The Necron invaders have already begun to transform Megaria into an alien fortress. Across the surface of the moon, the Space Marines battle Necron phalanxes in the shadow of towering Necron obelisks and ruined Imperial factorums.

Imperial forces have identified a repair station beneath the surface of Megaria as a key target. If the Void Dragons can prevent the Necrons from repairing their android legions, perhaps the Imperium may yet counter the Necron threat and reclaim the Ramasus system for the Emperor.

Having landed on Megaria the Void Dragons spread out, scouting the ruins and searching for Necron strongholds. Strange readings from beneath the planet’s surface revealed the presence of alien technology.

A small force of Space Marines have made their way through a crack in the moon’s crust and into a Necron repair complex. As they explored the ruins the tomb-like structures Canoptek defenders slew many of their number and the rest became separated by the alien labyrinth.

Lieutenant Osfirth finds himself near the repair complex’s core. With his brothers unaccounted for it falls to him to stop the Necrons awakening.

The aim of this mission is simple. Lieutenant Osfirth must destroy the Royal Warden before he can repair the nodes and awaken the rest of the Necron Forces inside the tomb.


With the Royal Warden taking the first turn he heads towards objective one while firing at Osfirth. Luckily Osfirth’s armour is too strong and he shrugs off the hits.

Eventually the Royal Warden claims first blood and pierces the armour of Osfirth.

The back and forth continued but the Warden manages to activate the first two objectives. By this point both warriors are battered and bruised.

With only one objective left the Royal Warden makes a dash for it and manages to activate the final node.

Victory: Necrons

Lieutenant Osfirth bruised and bedraggled drags himself away from the combat before the Necron reinforcements arrive. His only chance now is to link up with his brothers scattered throughout the complex.

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