Book Review – Fahrenheit 451

By Ray Bradbury

A departure from Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Age of Sigmar reading, but in what may become a semi regular diversion in the Book Review series, I will be reviewing Fahrenheit 451 today. It’s a book that many of you will have heard of, and it’ll be on the required reading of some school curriculum’s but I only first read it in 2016… and again recently.

Published many times over the 50 years since it was published, this cover is an evocative view of the book!

Set in a near future world where books are banned and firemen no longer protect life and property, but burn any books which are found. Enter Montag a fireman who is part of a family of book burners.

A huge novel in America, not quite so important this side of the pond – perhaps as we didn’t have McCarthy-ism on this side of the pond – but poignant none the less. It’s never too late to read a classic novel especially a science fiction one which has been adopted by the mainstream, and it’s easy to see why it remains popular.

The stark warnings are as clear today as they were fifty years – perhaps even more so as we lose books, and embrace 24 hour television and films. A great though provoking piece leaving as many questions opened as answered…

… I suppose the only issue being that I read it on an ebook… what would Mr Bradbury think of that I wonder – I hope he would be happy we were still reading – so however you get it – paperback, audio or ebook as I did – I hope you enjoy it!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

— Declan

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