Rogue Trader Collecting

Last week I listed a number of sets on ebay that I knew I’d never get around to painting or even playing.

This was a bit of a watershed moment for me as I’ve hung on to some of these kits since I first bought them back in the 1990’s. The realisation I came to was that I do more painting more than I do playing. This is down to various factors but mostly time.

What has this got to do with Rogue Trader I hear you ask?

Well after I came to this realisation I thought perhaps if this is the case I should gather a collection together of figured that have historic significance to our hobby and that I can paint up to my highest standard without feeling rushed about getting them done for some game or other.

I got into the hobby in 93′ just as 2nd edition Warhammer 40k came out. There were still some fabulous metal miniatures knocking around then from the 80’s you could buy and I would spend hours looking through the pages of mail order catalogues thinking about which models I could try and convince my parents to buy for me.

Now, I have my own money to spend on this hobby and I have (hopefully) improved my painting standards enough to do these classic miniatures justice.

So this week I made my first purchase of a Rogue Trader era miniature.

RT105 – The Imperial Commander

This model was later renamed to Marneus Calgar in the very late 80’s and early 90’s. But the miniature itself is stunning. One of the very few diorama pieces Citadel have ever produced as a product and it’s based on piece of amazing artwork.

Simpler times indeed….

So here’s my first miniature. It’ll take a while to paint but I’m hoping to do it justice. I’m aiming to base this on a larger round base rather than one square one shown in the picture, perhaps complete with the rug, wall and banners shown in the artwork. Still debating the cold one pets.

This will take me some time, but after this the options are wide open on where to go next. I have my eye on the original Leman Russ miniature with Freki and Goki as the next collector piece. Is there a particular Rogue Trader miniature you think I should get? And if so why?

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