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BoBo Day One

The club I belong to, Age of Chumps ready to go, including Rhys in a skirt…..
Intrigued to see Trogg’s results after this……
Peeps getting ready
A stunning Sons of Behemat army
Declan’s army ready to go
A beautiful Kruleboyz army
A loss for Declan in the first round against fellow Chump Paul Coram
Is all that alcohol starting to kick in for Trogg?
The legend that is Chrissy, enjoying her first game of the weekend
The draw for round two

Game three draw

War in the Heartlands – Day 2 Summary

So it’s come to a close, War in the Heartlands touted by many present to be the best Age of Sigmar tournament this year.

The touches that have gone into the event is plain to see even for those of us following on twitch and Twitter. From the handouts, the food and the celebrity video intros to each round.

I’ve included a number of tweets from various Twitter users that have been posted throughout the weekend.

Our very own Declan managed a fourth win