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General Speaking – Jiwan Noah Singh

Noah (left) during the 2023 Las Vegas Open

Jiwan Noah Singh – The Stats

Events: 8
Game Wins: 32
Game Losses: 8
Win Rate: 80.0%

Joshua Bennett (JB): First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to chat with us and our readers. Has the feeling of winning the largest AOS event (Las Vegas Open) in the world worn off yet?

Jiwan Noah Singh (JNS): No problem, I’m a chatty guy. LVO really was quite something, not going to downplay how fun that was. But I had an itch to play some warhammer like 5-6 days after I got back. Sometimes, I look at the photos of everyone storming the stage during the ITC awards when I need a little serotonin boost

JB: I bet that was an insane experience. especially with your club behind you for support. Tough crowd is really amazing. The love and support you have for each other, not to mention the energy you guys bring to events. Do you think that is one of the things that keeps bringing you back?

JNS: I love Tough Crowd, and it was super special this year getting the team award. We also have other clubs we are super close with, Harumbes, Wicked Dicey, Georgia Warband, and a bunch of others. Having my wife come for the first time was great too, she got to see this part of my life that is so important to me. Having an amazing club and friends for sure is part of it, but I loved going to events even without knowing anyone. I met a lot of my close friends in the hobby now by just showing up to my first LVO, knowing nobody with three screaming bells, a gong and edible warpspark tokens.

I think even if you know nobody, you should rock up and make them know you

JB: That’s amazing, and let me take a moment to point out you are an amazing human being and make everyone feel welcome and an absolute joy to be around. How long have you been into the competitive world.

JNS: Lots of amazing people in this hobby. It’s so good. I started playing Aos in a shed in my yard in Key West during first edition, but most games didn’t end, and we got distracted or did stuff like try fireball objectives. I went to a couple of tournaments pre Covid but not really with any specific expectations, and they were really fun. Over Covid I started playing on tts, and the community and access to talking to people really helped me (I’m a classic extrovert and was kinda losing my mind up on a mountain in Vermont) The group I stumbled into happened to be competitive and it eventually led to being coach of the 2021 worlds team. I think I just got in a routine of playing aos constantly and became a competitive player out of that.

I would say I try to be competitively social, but I really enjoy figuring out puzzles in games and how to put myself in a position to win.

JB: which you do very well. being a coach to the worlds team had to be so much fun.

JNS: Yeah it was great, that year was Milan, which was a super fun place to roll around with a crew of warhammer players. Worlds and teams are such a fun part of warhammer, I highly suggest people participate in team events.

JB: I have seen team event pick up popularity in the states do you think that’s the future of AOS competition

JNS: I think gt play is great, I have loved that more premier events are swapping to top 8. There is something really fun about getting space to watch the top tables duke it out while you hang with the people you met. I think teams is a great second thing to expand though. There is room for both in my imagined future and I think it sounds fantastic.

JB: Speaking of the top 8 what advice would you give readers that want to get to that level?

JNS: I think the only real advice I have to get better is to play more and play clean and to lose more to great players.

JB: you have gone from AOS worlds coach to LVO winner what can we expect from you next

JNS: Lol I don’t know, I love playing AoS and am going to try to get to some new areas I haven’t played in yet. I like finding new lists and metas and seeing what they have going on in those places, that’s really what motivated me to keep doing this.

Although I am on the team this year again and will be playing in Amsterdam which will be a blast.

So I guess that’s next?

JB: Noah thank you so much for your time and good luck at worlds. I look forward to seeing you on the tables.