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Adventures in 10mm – Mordheim

I recently had a hankering to play Mordheim once more, but due to limited space, I didn’t think I’d be able to start a massive terrain project to actually be able to play the game.

After all, traditionally, Mordheim was played on a 4×4 foot area! That’s not easy to populate with terrain and then store.

It was while browsing Etsy for some Warmaster bits that I stumbled across some lovely looking ruined buildings for 10mm.

Then it hit me! What if I played Mordheim at 10mm? It would be easy enough. Just change all measurements to centimetres instead of inches, and hey presto!

But what about the playing area? Instead of a massive 4 foot square area, the conversion downwards meant that it could be played on an area only 20 inches by 20 inches! To set about making and planning my playing area, I purchased a number of 5-inch square mdf boards. These would be built up with foam board and the terrain I had found on Etsy to create Mordheim in miniature.

The total playing area required is shown by the mdf boards. As a comparison, conveniently, this table is 4 feet long.

As you can see, this is a massive reduction in the space required. I also ordered some of the ruined buildings, and these are shown below on some of the tiles.

The buildings are fantastic, and each floor can be magnetised to the one below so that they are able to have models move around inside them.

For the models, I purchased some Forest Dragon Undead miniatures in 10mm. Forest Dragon are great as you can buy them either ranked up on a single base for Warmaster or on individual bases for Minihammer.

These are the first 10 models I painted up, and they took me about an hour and a half to paint all ten. I’ve purchased some magnetic sheeting, which I plan to cut and stick to the bases, and then these can be magnetised to movement trays like the one shown for Minihammer if required.

You’re probably wondering how these compare in scale to the terrain and boards, right?

Pretty darn good, I’d say!

All in all, this project will be much, much cheaper than playing at 28mm. Each building costs roughly £6 depending on its size. I think possibly 2 or 3 buildings would fit on each MDF square. This should allow me to create a truly immersive modular board.

As for the minis, I purchased all I needed for the first Undead warband from Wargamerminis. I bought;

  • 10 Ghouls
  • 5 Dire Wolves
  • 1 Vampire Lord
  • 1 Necromancer
  • 10 Zombies
  • 10 Peasants

All for €18. Not bad! For those in the UK, shipping can be a little pricey, so it’s probably best to put in a larger order if you want to do something similar.

But all in all, I’m really pleased and excited to get started planning out the terrain boards. Yes MiniHammer is also the logical next step…