Woehammer AoS GT II – Battleplan Vote and Best General Scoring

With this weekends Woehammer AoS GT II looming large, we asked the attendees to vote on their battleplans. 15 of the 27 players submitted 5 choices for their battleplan and the results are shown below:

The Results are:

Round 1: Limited Resources

Round 2: Fountains of Frost

Round 3: Power Flux

Round 4: Every Step is Forward

Round 5: Geomantic Pulse

Best General Scoring

On top of this, I’ve done the stats for the last week and have the updated points per win for every faction for the upcoming event. A reminder, each player will score points for each win (half for a draw) at the event, these points are determined by the factions win rate that they are using. A faction that is currently at a high win rate will score players a low value per win while a faction with a low win rate will score a player a higher value per win. This award will be given to the player outside of the Top 3 with the most points based on the below at the end of the event.

FactionPlayers CompetingWin Rate (8th Oct)Points Per Win
Beasts of ChaosSam Barker46%43.2
Big Waaagh!Tom WH Bell55%36.6
Blades of KhorneMichael Maher50%39.6
BonesplitterzAdam Hargrave48%41.7
Flesh-eater CourtsToby Thomas51%38.9
Gloomspite GitzChris Parke
Ryan Lettinga
Hedonites of SlaaneshBen Adlem
Mira Berry
Paul Coram
Idoneth DeepkinJack Morton53%37.7
IronjawzJames Elson43%46.3
Kharadron OverlordsJames Linford
Peter Vajnar
KruleboyzJack Perryman48%41.9
Maggotkin of NurgleAlex Ireland
Orfeas Chloros
NighthauntBen Anderson
Thomas Chloros
Ogor MawtribesBaz Norman Jr48%42.0
Ossiarch BonereapersMarc Potter
Matt Brooks
SeraphonAdam Baker
Joshua Boxall
Slaves to DarknessBenjamin Hall49%40.5
Sons of BehematGavin Tate41%48.4
Soulblight GravelordsTony Kirby54%37.0

We’ll have a full break down of the lists and stats for the events soon!

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