GHB 22-23 Season 2 Review: Soulblight Gravelords Faction Review

Soulblight Gravelords 63.14%

Win Rates by Region

North America (112) 62.8%
UK & Ireland (45) 63.4%
Oceania (22) 66.4%
Scandinavia (12) 70.8%
Europe (22) 57.2%

Subfaction Stats

Legion of Night (16) 65.4%
Legion of Blood (113) 65.4%
Vyrkos Dynasty (55) 63.1%
Kastelai Dynasty (16) 52.7%

Faction Popularity

BattlescrollPopularity RankWin Rate
(July 2022)8th47.6%
Nov 2022)12th55.2%
(Jan 2023)13th47.2%
(April 2023)1st63.1%

Faction Performance by Month

The following rankings are based on the top four Soulblight Gravelords performance for each player. The weighting of these scores change depending upon the time period they were achieved. Those who competed at events earlier in the year before the new battletome dropped would score more points per win than those under the new battletome with its 60%+ win rate.

Top 20 Soulblight Players Worldwide

Top 20 North American Soulblight Players

Top 20 UK & Ireland Soulblight Players

Top 20 Oceania Soulblight Players

Top 20 Scandinavian Soulblight Players

Top 20 European Soulblight Players

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