Cities of Sigmar – Faction Review (Jul-Nov ’22)

With the release of the Battlescroll: Galletian Reinforcements I’ve been able to go back through the data from the release of the General’s Handbook and tidy everything up. In doing so, I though it may be cool to give you a run-down of how each faction performed under the current General’s Handbook until the Battlescroll took effect.

The data used for analysing these results was taken from 110 Grand Tournaments between 3rd July 2022 and 6th November 2022.

Cities of Sigmar

Region Comparison – Popularity

Cities of Sigmar saw their highest popularity in Europe with 3.5% of players choosing the faction for tournament play, while their close neighbours in Scandinavia had the lowest take-up with only 0.3%.

Region Comparison – Win Rates

They may not have been popular in Scandianvia but their win rate there was the top of the pile at 60.0%. While players in Europe could only manage 43.2%.

Cities of Sigmar saw their only 5-0’s in the UK & Ireland and North America.

Subfaction Analysis

SubfactionPlayersWin Rate
Har Kuron150.00%
Tempest’s Eye2449.17%
Living City1443.57%
Greywater Fastness428.95%
Faction Total11750.77%

Out of the many, many factions that Cities have available to them, Hallowheart and Tempest’s Eye were the most popular with win rates of 57.21% and 49.17% respectively.

Top 10 Cities of Sigmar Players

You may notice that some players have a better World/Nation ranking than players above them in this table. This is due to players playing with multiple factions. These players have been ranked on their top 4 faction results only.

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