Woehammer Hits 1,000,000

Declan: Do you know what you were doing back in the days of Summer 2021; well Peter and I were talking about posting a few blog items about Warhammer. Peter had a website – Woehammer.com – which he was using for bits and pieces and would occasionally provide some YouTube coverage. And I – being my usual self – couldn’t bring myself to restart a website, but had some ideas for articles I wanted to run.

So we launched with much no fanfare in 2021, we launched in July 2021 with articles on Path to Glory Troggoths and Kruleboyz. We followed up in August with Peter’s first look at the Combat patrols – Adeptus Sororitas – and my look at news! (Mainly Warhammer+ being launched)

Things were slow in 2021, but then Peter published the first of the ‘Top Three’ series and we started getting more readers, followers and likes. I followed this up with Chris Tomlin’s Blackout event in December ’21 and it was clear we had a popular series.

Peter: How times change! Those first few months I remember being over the moon when we were receiving over a hundred views a day. My first few articles were all about aspects I was interested in, the History of Games Workshop and an entire series on A Life in Wargames where I focused on one individual who had made a contribution to our hobby.

As Declan says, December was a massive turning point, the Top Three’s you know and love started to become more regular although it wouldn’t be until April that they took on the form you see now on an almost daily basis.


Declan: Roll on 2022 and things have got a little crazy, with each month breaking expectations of where we would finish. We’ve now (as of Sunday 20th November) passed 1,000,000 views for the year. An achievement we would never have thought possible — thank you too all our readers.

Woehammer Views, thank you all!

We’ve added commentary to the Top Three’s to try to explain how the armies work – or to admit it when we don’t! We have seen Seraphon rule the roost at the beginning of the year, and then Beasts accelerate with the White Dwarf release and then Maggotkin of Nurgle take over the world with Flies. It’s been a lot of fun!

Stats, Stats, Stats

Declan: Peter has even taken the data and details from the Top Three and started to generate Player stats and ranking details which are proving popular with our readers. His unique take on the ranking with players getting more points for over-performing with lower tier armies is trying to encourage players to take different armies. Remember not everyone can go 5-0 at a tournament!

Not Just Top Three Articles

Declan: We don’t just do Top Three Articles either, Woehammer is packed with insight into warscrolls (like Rippas!), armies (like Peter’s superb Ork article), book reviews (including Dominion), and even the odd ‘off the wall’ article; the latest being a superb piece by Edmund – ‘How to Leak…’

Peter: More recently as well, we’ve started our new series of ‘General Speaking’ where we interview top players around the world on their thought process around list building and tournament approach.


Declan: Some of our loyal readers take loyalty and kindness one step further and contribute via our Patreon. Whilst we know not everyone can do this, we really appreciate the support from the Patreon gang. It’s especially fun to hear from them on article ideas, which we shamelessly steal and use for our own nefarious purposes. Thank you to them all.

If you would like to join them and support the website in this way, then you can do so on the link below.

A Team of Writers

Declan: As we continue to grow we’ve copied stolen an idea from Goonhammer and got some more writers on board. This allows us to ensure a regular output but also to keep up the quality of the content. So thank you to Peter (CEO Woe), me (Declan), Brett, Danny, Ethan, Patrick, Dave, Edmund, Kieron, Xander, Matt, Lehann, Aron, David, & Tom. We’ve even got some new writers coming on board soon – so look out for the new voices.

There’s also a large group behind us that give us ideas for articles, play games with us, or join us for chats on Discord & WhatsApp.

What’s Next

Declan: As we finish 2022, we are looking forward to 2023 and there’ll be more of the same for our readers to enjoy, but expect more new writers, return of some of the writers not heard from often and Peter trying to keep us all going – it’s worse than herding cats.

Personally, I’ve got less time for tournaments in 2023 but more time for articles and other hobby so expect more from me as well including Hobby Updates, our own Woehammer take on news, and looks at non-Games Workshop games and other systems.

Peter: I’ve tonnes of idea on my mind that I want to get around to seeing through. Those on our Discord will know of my Warscroll Stat cards showing the average damage output of various units and their resilience. I’m also considering adding a narrative element to the reporting of the top three stats. I’ve also one or two ideas forming for our readers to join in to reduce their pile of shame next potential year.

Also, we’re running our first ever GT event next year at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry on the weekend of the 13th and 14th May. If you want to join us why not jump on Eventbrite and book your ticket? The marvellous Dice and Ducks YouTubers will also be there covering the games live.


Peter: As a thank you to everyone, we’re also giving away one Vanguard or Combat Patrol of the winners choice. To enter, all you need to do is join our Discord and post in the Giveaway channel which Vanguard or Combat Patrol box you would like to receive as a prize. The draw will be carried out on Friday.

Thank you!

All that’s left is to say thank you for joining us on the ride so far, let us know if there’s anything you want to see, or see more of. And finally if you want to support the site you can sign-up on Patreon, or shop via our Element Games affiliate link this Christmas period. Happy 2022 everyone!

That’s all for now – see you at the next milestone!

— Declan & Peter

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