Top Three Lists from Blackout (AoS)

BlackoVt (Blackout V) was held in Cardiff on the weekend of the 12th & 13th December. This was the return of a much moved event due to COVID and the restrictions in place by the Welsh government – and the organiser’s wish to keep everyone safe.

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend as it would have been my 4th week playing toy soldiers in a row… and may have got me in trouble!

The event is run by Chris Tomlin who has been in the community since at least 8th edition as part of a group from the South Coast of England called The Black Sun. Chris also runs the very successful team tournament – Brotherhood – which will return in 2022 for it’s second time.

The event was 5 rounds of Age of Sigmar and was attended by the great & the good of the Warhammer community, and was held at the new Firestorm Games location in Cardiff, Wales. Hopefully I’ll get there soon for some games!

Before I come to the lists I also wanted to shout out to a returning player who attended – Mo. For those who don’t know who Mo is he is the person who saved Age of Sigmar for the competitive community by bringing in ClashComp for his event Clash of Swords. He (and a team of supporting superstars) pointed every warscroll produced by Games Workshop and gave them a points value – whilst GW were running event where number of wounds mattered (so 2 goblins were the same as 1 chaos knight!). Mo saved us from having to play in this manner and his comp system was affectionately renamed MoComp.

So a cheer from me for Mo – it’s great to have you back and hope to see you at tournaments in 2022.

Now, without further ado – the winning lists.

1st Place – Cities of Sigmar – Mark Wildman (5-0)

Mark’s list appears to rely on the anvil of the Pheonix Guard – 4+ Ward – and the damage of the Fulminators… what a punch! As 4 drop it probably gave Mark the option of going first or second in some of his games – except against dedicated shooting lists. I’m told the Flaggelants made the army, so get painting them!

Look – still on Square bases on

2nd Place – Soulblight Gravelords – Christian Moore (5-0)

Nagash before the recent changes was good (I would say very good), and the Knights must have provided the punch Christian needed. I wonder how many Hand of Dusts were attempted through the portal?

3rd Place – Stormcast Eternals – Adam Mumford (4-1)

Adam’s been playing a lot of Age of Sigmar since we were allowed to meet up again, and here he is again proving that the Dragons are definitely not good!! Wow – no idea how my Gitz would survive this; or my footslogging Brutes. Vicious.

Dragons… Coming to every tournament near you soon.

Thanks for Chris Tomlin for making the results available – including fighting through piles of paper army lists – and to AoS Shorts for collating them.

— Declan

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